The Beckman Beat is a student-driven online publication highlighting news, features, sports, editorials and arts pertaining to Beckman students. A staff of over 35 student journalists and independent film creators publish an online edition under the guidance of adviser Mr. Boice. The Beckman Beat is proud to present bi-weekly online articles and multimedia forms of news in collaboration with Beckman TV. Ultimately, the Beat serves as a representation of the diversity on campus and seeks to celebrate the accomplishments of students and faculty. Students’ work has been featured in major publications such as the Orange County Register. The Beat and its contributors continue to experience growth as a result of an enriching real-world style journalism and film program.


The Beckman Beat, formerly known as the Beckman Chronicle, has become a joint effort with the Independent Film Class to branch out into broadcast journalism. Both classes collaborate with one another to produce bi-weekly BTV episodes, which encompasses announcements, video segments, and spot features.


The Beckman Chronicle has become its own independent club to continue the production of our bi-annual magazine. Students who are interested in exploring print and graphic design aspects of journalism are more than welcome to join the club and contribute to the magazine. Meetings are held during lunch or after school in Mr. Boice’s room, room 317. For future updates, follow the Beckman Chronicle instagram page @beckmanchronicle.


Are you interested in joining or contributing to the Beckman Beat? The Broadcast Journalism class will be open once again as an elective for the 2020-2021 year. The Beat also offers a free-lance writer position for students outside of the class who wish to submit articles to the editorial staff to consider for online publication. If interested, please visit the Freelance page for more information.

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