The Realization of Legalization

On September 28th, 275 high school students attended the Youth Action Team's

Courtesy of Steve Knollmiller

On September 28th, 275 high school students attended the Youth Action Team’s “Realization of Legalization” forum.

IRVINE- On September 28, a forum discussing the issues of marijuana usage was held at Irvine’s Lakeview Senior Center. The event was provided by the Youth Action Team (YAT). Many students from different high schools  gathered together to listen to the forum and gain awareness on the topic of marijuana.




The forum began when the two speakers for the night presented themselves and explained about the effects of marijuana through slideshows. “There are especially high levels of marijuana use from teens and young adults, and the marijuana negatively affects overall health for the users,” Joe Eberstein, program manager for the Marijuana Prevention Initiative, explained.




Eberstein interacted with the high school audience throughout his slideshow presentation. He presented an abundance of information relating to marijuana. One major point that Eberstein hit on was the fact that Tetrahydrocannabinol, the material that people use to get high, was increased tremendously in weed and marijuana products.




The forum proceeded on and Eberstein continued to provide factual information about marijuana. He wrapped up his presentation with applause from the high schoolers and the last speaker, Dr. Kevin Alexander, took the microphone to end the night.




“About 1.7% of Americans over the age of twelve struggle with marijuana abuse or dependence,” stated Dr. Alexander. He presented his information with a slideshow presentation and continued to convey information to the audience in a more scientific approach.




One major topic that Dr. Alexander emphasized on was the increase of medical issues associating with marijuana usage: “Overtime, we have seen a major increase of emergency room cases directly regarding marijuana,” Dr. Alexander declared. He also stated that the brain is still developing until the age of 25, and marijuana therefore negatively affects those processes.




Dr. Alexander finished his presentation with another round of applause from the audience. Afterwards, the forum provided a questioning session for the students. “The forum opened up my eyes to understand about the effects of marijuana, and it has caused me to be more aware and knowledgeable about the topic,” expressed freshman Esther Baek.




With marijuana increasing in its commonness, those who attended the forum gained more information about the matter. YAT hopes to raise more awareness towards the subject of marijuana to teens and young adults around the county.