Shannon Zhao


Shannon Zhao is a creative and talented student at Beckman High School. Born in Maryland, this 16-year-old junior enjoys drawing and writing about “basically everything.” Not only is Zhao dedicated to her interests, she is also engaged in many extracurricular activities. She is a former competitive and club volleyball player, and still loves the sport. Zhao also participated in Beckman’s track and field team last year.




Zhao also has a unique taste in music as well. She enjoys listening to Carnival Trap styles by Vanic. Her different range of music makes her stand out of the crowd. Besides listening to music, Zhao loves drawing realistic figures; her skills are way beyond those of a professional. Her artistic skills are shown through her participation in numerous competitions. Placing in several other art events, Zhao won the Reflections Art Regional Competition. However, her greatest feat was winning first in the Aaron Brother’s National Art Competition.




Her artistic skills are only one part of her many talents. Involved in Beckman’s journalism class for two years, Zhao is also a creative and talented writer. “I really enjoyed writing and I really thought journalism would be a great program to involve myself in,” she exclaimed. Her passion for writing will also continue in the future. Zhao would like to attend University of California Davis and write for their paper, The Blue Devil Hub. She thinks that their newspaper is very appealing. Not only does the journalism at UC Davis suit her interests, Zhao finds the campus to be a pleasant environment. However, the arts and writing are not her only interests; she also enjoys Biology and English at school.




By the end of her senior year, Zhao hopes to end with all A’s and also decide her future major. “I would like to solidify what major I would want to go into because I’m torn between Biology and Humanities.” When asked to give advice, Zhao stated, “Don’t let academic obligations hold you back from sports. You can always balance the two if you try hard enough.” Zhao is the perfect example of this piece of advice since she has successfully balanced out athletics and academics and thrived in high school. Zhao has a positive attitude towards life, and also has achieved Beckman’s four A’s: Academics, Arts, Athletics, and Activities. She is a true Beckman Patriot.