Soowon Lee


Soowon Lee, a moderately quiet 15-year-old boy, is a sophomore at Beckman High School. Lee was born in South Korea and migrated to the United States when he was five years old. He is a part of the class of 2019. Lee hopes to accomplish many of his own personal goals such as achieving high grades and GPA scores and soaring in certain sports throughout his years in high school and hopes to achieve his dreams of attending his desired colleges.




Lee enjoys participating in many different hobbies and activities both inside and outside of school. From debating to swim, and cross country to table tennis, he takes delight in many varieties of leisures. He also loves to listen to music, especially Christian rap and K-Pop. He hopes to be able to travel to many tourist attractions in the world such as Europe, Japan, and Hong Kong.




Lee also desires to be more active and involved in school activities. He is thinking about joining several clubs, including UNICEF, Red Cross club, the Christian club, and more. Lee also aims to be able to join the varsity team for cross country in Beckman. Lee also expresses himself though favorite classes, which are science and English. He has set personal goals for himself throughout his high school career. Lee hopes to maintain a 4.0 GPA for all four years of high school.




Journalism is a new experience for Lee, as his sophomore year of high school will be his first year in Journalism. Lee expressed his enjoyment for writing and motivations for joining the journalism class this year. “I enjoy writing, especially writing with no restraints,” Lee explained. Lee hopes to strive for the best in Journalism.




Lee holds many ambitions and dreams in his heart for the colleges he wishes to attend in the future. “My dream colleges are Claremont, John Hoffman, UC Berkeley, and UCSD because they all specialize in the medical and bio field,” Lee expressed. This sophomore also set personal goals for his senior year in high school. He hopes to take at least six AP classes during his high school career.




Lee also has advice for Beckman’s current freshman: “I would like freshman to stay mature and only take the classes they are able to take,” Lee advised. When asked to give advice to any seniors, Lee took his time to respond. “For seniors, I advise them to have fun and stay true to their word,” Lee stated.




This sophomore has already set prestigious goals and standards for himself even though he is only in his second year of school. Although Lee does not anticipate perfection, he hopes to give his best effort and achieve his dreams, no matter how big or small they may be.