Carolyn Ho: Envisioning Her Future


Photograph Courtesy of Carolyn Ho

Carolyn Ho is ready for work at Booth Optometry Group.

Studying for tests, intense homework load, and stress often overwhelm the minds of typical high schoolers, so they do not even think about getting a job. Moreover, the opportunity to get hired into a professional work space at this age is slim. However, senior Carolyn Ho is ahead of the game and already works at an office for optometry.




While most students were excited for summer to approach, Ho was delighted because she was hired to work at Booth Optometry Group in June. Her parents helped her reach out to these jobs, and she was employed through a connection with a family friend. The chance to work was a thrill, and Ho enthuses that, “I never thought I would be able to get that kind of opportunity.”




Although she has only been working for a couple of months, Ho is already gaining a plethora of knowledge. Her primary duties are to pretest patients by leading them through a series of tests by using complicated machines such as the densitometer, autorefractor, and frequency doubling technology (FDT). Being able to run these machines require responsibility and skill, and Ho clearly exemplifies these qualities. Not only did she experience a professional work environment, Ho has also acquired communication skills. “I noticed that I have improved in speaking to others and conveying my ideas after interacting with so many people at my work,” Ho comments.




Ho’s work ethic is accoladed by her coworkers. Maria Kayekjian remarks,  “Carolyn is a pleasure to work with. She is helpful and has a positive attitude. Overall, she is an excellent employee.” Just in a couple months, Ho has flourished at her work, something that many high school students are not be able to achieve. Her father also states: “My wife and I are very proud of Carolyn for getting a part time job at Booth optometry. But what impressed me most is her ability to manage her time between work and her studies. It’s very important not just to learn things from school but also from real work experience.” Being a senior contending with college applications, five Advanced Placement classes, and working part time supplies an intense heap of stress. However, Ho is capable of managing her time wisely. Working on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon until 7 pm, she always “plan[s] ahead and know[s] what’s due.” Ho’s ability to complete homework on time between shifts and college personal statements shows how hardworking she is.





Though Ho’s career path may not necessarily be in optometry, it is certainly in the biological field. As of right now, Ho states, “I’m keeping my future open, but I definitely want to go into a health-related profession in the future. Being able to help people and look out for their health is what I want.” Ho has applied for multiple University of California or California State Universities as a biology major and plans to attend graduate school afterwards for health-related careers, making her dreams a reality.





Working at a young age certainly makes Ho stand out from the crowd. Not anyone can be a well rounded student and work at the same time. Her job at the optometry has given her a unique and different experience, for not everyone gets the chance to work at a professional work environment.