Varsity Girls Tennis Swing Their Way to Victory


Karolyne Diep

Freshman Christelle Haj gets prepared to hit the ball, working hard to get Beckman a victory.

IRVINE – On Tuesday, October 18th, Beckman Varsity Girls Tennis played a home game against Irvine High School. With matches of both doubles and singles going on in several courts, both Beckman and Irvine worked hard to bring home the winning title for their school. Although both teams played to their best efforts, Beckman took the victory title.




Many different matches kicked off to a start when the players went into their respective courts to play a hot match of tennis. On one particular court, Beckman players Maansi Rathod and Allison Ford teamed up to play a match against Irvine. The match started off with strong volleys being shot from either side, and Irvine snatched the first score and led with a score of 0-1. The match continued on with solid shots from both sides. Irvine once again took the points as the score advanced onto 0-3. With encouragements from the coach, the Beckman girls gave their best effort to bring their score up, while the Irvine girls also stayed strong to keep their lead.


As the ball flew back and forth across the court, the Beckman girls managed to make a comeback and change the score to 2-3. Fury shots were being tossed back and forth across the tennis court as both the Beckman and Irvine girls put in their best effort to take home the winning title. As the match carried on, the score was brought up to 4-5, bringing the bystander’s anticipations on the edge. Beckman tennis player Maddie Tran commented, “The games today were very exciting! I think that both teams did very well today and gave it their all.”




The match was coming to a close as both teams swung their rackets to chase after the victory title. Although both teams worked very hard, the Beckman girls managed to pull through and finish off that certain match with a score of 6-5. Overall, Beckman took the victory. Beckman Coach Nick Friendt expressed pride, commenting, “I’m very proud of my girls. Both teams were absolutely splendid in their gameplay today! I say that if you want to win the big time matches, you got to win the big time points.” 




The Beckman girls took this victory as another step towards improving together as a team and individually, and they hope to improve even more in the future. On Thursday, October 20, Beckman Varsity Girls Tennis will play their next game against Woodbridge High School. Hopefully, the team will be able to win once again.