Musical Accomplishments One-By-One: Nikki Herrington


Nikki Herrington’s EP “Heaven on My Fingertips” marks a milestone event in her musical path.

The rush of adrenaline on stage, the sound of music ringing, the twinkles of a piano and the rhythmic beats of a song. Junior Nikki Herrington holds a deep passion for music and theater close to her heart, and has been enamored with singing since she was two years old. From being a theater star to her recent release of her own EP, “Heaven on My Fingertips”, Herrington continues to shine in the world of music and performance.




As soon as Herrington entered Beckman as a freshman, she joined both choir and the dramatic production class. Beckman served as the perfect stage to develop her knowledge and appreciation for performance art. “Beckman definitely helped me to love music and theater even more than I did before. I was invited to join the dramatic production class and also the advanced choir as a freshman, and it motivated me to continue down the path of music,” she explains. 




Herrington was on her way to public fame when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent in 2012, but her age at the time prevented her from going forward. However, her optimistic nature sets her apart from the rest and she aims to audition for The Voice instead. “Auditioning was a huge step for me. I don’t know how far I can make it to, but the experience itself will be such a life-marking event,” Herrington states. Though her public career has not yet taken off, Herrington does not lose confidence in her talents and found a new way to success.




In Beckman’s past Wizard of Oz spring musical, Herrington was specifically chosen for the starring role of Dorothy, and even able to bypass the auditions because of her aptitude for the role. She was the center-piece of the entire high-production musical as just a sophomore, given the difficult but ultimately rewarding tasks of memorizing and acting out countless lines of dialogue and complicated choreography. “Preparing for the Wizard of Oz musical were the best four months of my life! I loved seeing everyone work together and collaborate to ultimately create an absolutely beautiful stage production! It took a lot of hard work to perfect everything together, but I am satisfied with the end result,” Herrington enthuses. The entire cast spent endless rehearsals perfecting their performances, but Herrington stood out in her leading role with both her beautiful singing voice and the vitality of her performance. Her mother raves in support, “The best compliment Nikki could have ever been given was when she was compared to Judy Garland while performing the iconic role of Dorothy.” 




Not many students can say they released their own EP, but Herrington’s talent was obvious and landed her official sponsors and the professional music producers of OC Hit Factory, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment. Titled “Nikki Chantal: Heaven on My Fingertips”, the EP contains a total of five songs, including “Perfect Harmony” and “Stop, Drop, and Roll”, as well as an accompanying music video. Herrington wrote all of the lyrics for each individual song herself and carefully crafted each melody, exhibiting precocious music skill and work ethic. “Releasing my own EP was a huge step for me and the experience was absolutely incredible. Writing the songs and recording it in an actual studio was thrilling and I would love to do it all over again,” she reminisces. In the mini-album, Herrington draws from her personal idols in country pop such as Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, both of whom she greatly admires. 




Herrington has many role models in her life besides her favorite singers. “My parents and friends encourage me no matter what. Also, my late grandmother always told me to keep singing and follow my dreams. She told me to share my music to other people and spread happiness,” Herrington confides. She is surrounded by supportive friends and family that cheer her on in her musical pursuits. Just a couple of examples are Carson Wong and Jessica Eng. Wong exclaims, “When I listen to Nikki’s music, it’s so catchy! It sticks in your head and her music puts me in a good mood.” Eng wholeheartedly agrees and argues, “If you haven’t known Nikki at all, you will fall in love with her voice at the very least– and then you will realize that she is a girl with a heart equally as charming as her talent.”




In the future, Herrington desires to continue inspiring others with her music. She also hopes to major in vocal arts and possibly minor in musical theater. “I love performing, the stage is comfortable for me and it is my home and safe place. My goal is to inspire others with my music and bring joy.” Herrington voices. She believes that not only her own efforts but also the support and collaboration of the entire ensemble or cast is absolutely necessary in a spectacular show. “Everyone creates theater together, everyone creates a masterpiece together. Theater allows people to enter into an alternate reality and escape from the real world for just a few moments,” she elaborates. Herrington is always friendly and open to learning more and while she already excels in the vocal arts and plays piano, she is excited to expanding her knowledge in the future and hopefully add guitar to her long repertoire. 




Herrington hopes to inspire many individuals with her music and continues to walk down the path of music. Through her many musical achievements and accomplishments, she wishes to truly enjoy music to the fullest and inspire others greatly. She is working hard to achieve her dreams and her fire and passion for music will not burn out.