Darron Leung: Ace of Clubs


Photograph Courtesy of Darron Leung

Senior Darron Leung is this year’s ASB Club Commissioner. His job is to manage all the clubs and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Imagine a one-foot tall stack of over 200 applications sitting on a desk. Just looking at the stack is already a headache, but the club commissioner is the one who sorts through all those papers and has to narrow it down to 80 applications to approve. Seems like a tedious task, but for senior Darron Leung, it is a pleasure to be serving Beckman’s Associated Student Body (ASB) as the Clubs Commissioner.




Beckman’s Associated Student Body (ASB) essentially runs all of the events that are held on campus. In ASB, members partake in various roles to ensure that all the events occur smoothly. Club Commissioner is a unique role amongst the other ASB roles; unlike President and Secretary with positions for each grade, there is only one Clubs Commissioner and they are in charge of all the clubs Beckman offer. Their job description is to ensure that all clubs are actively running, manage the infractions, and host the bi-annual Club Rush each year. “For a lot of people [the job] is boring, but I think of it as fun,” Leung comments.




Leung’s founding of his own club influenced his decision to run for Clubs Commissioner. His club, Mind over Matter, focuses on raising awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. Members reach out through community service events and the club hosts guest speakers to spread valuable information. Running his own club is only one of the extracurricular activities Leung participates in. He is also a volunteer at Hoag Hospital and the Discovery Cube Science Center, as well as other research centers. On campus, Leung is an avid scholar taking four Advanced Placement (AP) classes and was also formerly in Beckman’s marching band, which was recently replaced with his part-time job at Yogurtland. Not only is he a diligent student, Leung is also an active helper to the school and his community.




His contributions to ASB is also appreciated by his peers. Reem Yacoub, the Inter Club Committee (ICC) president, praises Leung by saying he is “super organized and always on top of everything.” In addition, Maddy Shimizu, the senior Vice-President, remarks that “He always reaches out and asks other members of the class if they need help” on top of his own responsibilities. His dedication to his position makes Leung an outstanding Patriot.




Leung has certainly made an impact on club life at Beckman. As the Clubs Commissioner and president of his own club, Leung advises students about starting their own club. “If you want to start a club, you have to be really dedicated to it and not just for college applications or resumes. You have to be really passionate about your club.” Since he is a senior, he has already applied for college, primarily focusing on the University of California’s various campuses. Leung plans to major in science, but is currently undeclared.