OC Science Club: Soaring to Great Heights


Photograph Courtesty of Michelle Xu

OC Science volunteers dedicate many hours of their time volunteering at different middle schools within Orange County to inspire youth to pursue science and engineering.

IRVINE – Beckman High School hosts a wide variety of different clubs, all unique and impactful in their own ways. However, one club pursues in unity, with the members all having something in common. Beckman’s Orange County (OC) Science Club is a volunteer club that brings together all the students who share a similar interest in the world of science and engineering.




The president of the OC Science Club, Michelle Xu, explained about what the club is about: “The OC Science Club is a club that brings together all who love science and we hold science classes, showcases, and many more. If you love science, then this club is definitely designed just for you!” Xu was a founding member of the club back in 2014, and still continues to spread her love for science through her involvement and leadership.




“The club currently teaches students at Columbus Tustin Middle School with science classes that teach them how to write science reports and conduct science related research. The students we work with are usually underprivileged students, so I personally love working with them to help make a difference in their lives,” Xu explained. The science club hosts many different events such as annual elementary science olympiads and science showcases at different locations.




“OC Science Club is a huge organization. I personally joined so that I can have an opportunity to make a difference and give back to the community,” stated member Catherine Cui. Cui only joined the club this year as a freshman, but is already committed to the club by joining volunteer events and earning service hours. “Anyone that joins the club will really enjoy it if they hold a love for science. The members of the club genuinely wants to pass on the love of science to the younger ones of our community and pass on more knowledge; it is truly enjoyable to help the younger ones delve more into the topic of science,” Cui expressed.




“The OC Science Club is a very interesting and great club! I joined the club because I love science and I will also personally participate in an upcoming Science Olympiad,” explained freshman Elizabeth Kim. 




As any other club in Beckman, the OC Science Club has a mission statement: “The mission statement of the club is to gather all those who love science and spread the interest of science and engineering in the youth of Orange County,” Xu confirmed. The OC Science Club continues to gather and recruit more members to help spread the love and interest of science and engineering.




The members of the OC Science Club will continue to teach and introduce many younger students to science and hopefully create more scientists and engineers for our future. The OC Science Club aspires to soar towards their goals and missions with determination and unity that is driven solely by their similar love for science and engineering.