Kachow! Riding the Highway to Winter Formal


Photograph Courtesy of Emily Cha

Beckman High School students dressed up and attended the “A Night in Radiator Springs” Winter Formal Dance on Saturday, February 4.

IRVINE – On Saturday, February 4, Beckman High School held its 2017 Winter Formal at K1 Speed, an indoor go-karting arena. The overall theme of the dance was “A  Night in Radiator Springs”, which originates from the Pixar movie Cars. Many patriots and other individuals arrived at the dance, anticipating the adrenaline of go-kart racing and dancing the night away with their friends and partners.




The dance started at 7:00 p.m. Many students showed up geared with glamorous formal wear such as dresses, suits, makeup, and more. Crowds of excited dancers filed into the go-kart location and started off by posing for loads of commemorative pictures with their groups of friends and partners in the scenery outside. The participants of the dance received a wristband to enter into the arena and try out go-kart racing. The go-kart racing track stood as the center of the dance as many students lined up to race their friends and partners.




Many individuals had a blast with the unlimited go-kart racing opportunity and did not waste the chance at all. Students were grouped together to blast off to a friendly but competitive go-kart race. Off to the side, there were rooms just for dancing. A room was booming with music and colorful lights were flashing about as a DJ took song requests. Right next to the dancing rooms, a band played swing music.




“I had such a wonderful time at the dance. I think that the most memorable moment was racing with my friends on the go-kart track. The music was really fun to dance to and I also enjoyed posing for pictures and group selfies with my friends,” expressed sophomore Deeyana Roshanzaer. Refreshments and snacks were also provided for the dancers in the dance rooms. The night continued on as students did not give up dancing or go-kart racing.




“The dance was such a wonderful experience and it was a really fun time to dance with my friends. I think I especially enjoyed the go-kart racing, it was a new and fun experience. It was super fun getting ready for the dance and an amazing experience. Overall, I think that it was a pretty awesome night and I would love to do it again!” exclaimed senior Indi Ho. The dance started to wrap up as the time ticked closer to 10 p.m. Students grasped the last opportunity to race their friends and partners and groove to the beats traveling throughout the arena.




For the finale, the teachers and staff gathered together at the go-kart track to settle the final destiny. The staff sped off as they raced each other in go-karting with many students cheering them on and capturing the race on their phones. The first person to complete the laps was Dr. Choi, and many students cheered for her first place win. As the night came to a close, many students were exhausted but satisfied. “My first high school winter formal was a memorable and fun experience! I spent quality time with my friends and it was really fun to race against them in go-kart racing,” stated freshman Fiona Kwok.




Patriots filed out of the K1 Speed arena with music and adrenaline still booming in their minds. Students and staff alike had a blast riding the highway at winter formal. Many hope to come back to race again at K1 with their partners and friends. Whether it be the last winter formal experience for seniors or the first winter formal dance for freshmen, many students were thrilled with this experience.