Grooving at the WCE Dance Competition

The Beckman Dance Team takes the floor and dances to their respective music with overflowing passion.

Leena Shin

The Beckman Dance Team takes the floor and dances to their respective music with overflowing passion.

IRVINE – On Saturday, February 11, a regional dance competition hosted by West Coast Elite Dance Incorporation (WCE) was held in Beckman High School’s Performing Arts Center.




Several high schools from many places all throughout California traveled to Beckman to participate in the regional dance competition. Competitors registered into the competition through different categories of dances such as all male dances, hip-hop, small and large lyricals, jazz, and more. Professional recording of the performances were filmed. Soloists and groups alike performed at the gym with a large audience spectating the event in the bleachers, and professional judges sat at their table, ready to evaluate the performances.




The dance competition was an all-day event and started off with soloists. Starting from 7:00 a.m., high school freshmen dancers performed their solos, all the way to the last senior soloist, who kicked off her performance at 12:33 p.m. Beckman Patriots also participated in this event; freshman Isha Das, sophomores Landry Breaux, Natalie Sanchez, and Julia Schweickert, juniors Kiana Zolina and Claire Wu, and seniors Kaitlyn Ayers and Gigi Gomez participated as soloists.




“There were so many different schools at the competition and it was a great honor to have the event be held at Beckman. The most memorable thing for me was working hard everyday and practicing my routine as much as I could. It was a great experience to take part of this dance competition!” expressed Das. She placed seventh place in the freshman category of soloists, an outstanding result out of the many freshman.




“It was a long, good day with my team. We practiced everyday and did team warmups. We would run through our dances over and over. I had so much fun at the competition and it was absolutely great to also see other teams from different schools perform their routines and be able to participate as a soloist as well,” commented senior dancer Gomez. She placed as fifth in the senior category of soloists, and was also a solo finalist, in which she placed seventh place.




Later in the day, judges prepared themselves to evaluate team performances. Ranging from duets to groups of more than twenty dancers, a wide variety of team performances were displayed at the competition. Beckman participated in the following categories of Elite, Pom, Medium Contemporary, Large Dance, Small Lyrical, All-Male, and Large Hip-Hop for team performances. No matter what school the dancers were from, they cheered for each team along with the spectators.




“The most memorable parts of the competition would be either doing well at our routines, knowing we did well as a team, or being at school at 5 :00 a.m. together and having the greatest time on the bus,” explained junior dancer Zolina.




The competition went well into the night, finishing off the event with a finale of last judging for solo finalists and their solo performances being displayed one last time.




Beckman’s Dance Team placed as fourth in Elite, fifth in Large Dance, fourth in All-Male, and second in Pom. Gomez was recognized as one of the solo finalists. Although they did not achieve first place, all of the Patriot dancers worked extremely hard to prepare for the competition and poured all of their effort into their choreography.