Aubrey King’s BreathtaKING Singing Skills

Aubrey King, on the left, sings at her friend's sweet sixteen.

Photograph Courtesy of Aubrey King

Aubrey King, on the left, sings at her friend’s sweet sixteen.

With a strum of the guitar strings and the first notes of a song, the air is filled with music coming from senior Aubrey King. Whether it is playing the guitar, singing for her band, or participating for Beckman’s choir, King’s life is filled with her favorite topic: music.




King’s passion for singing arose at a young age. Inspired by her father’s guitar skills, she was motivated to begin her journey to a musical career. King started off with a simple habit: singing along to the car radio. However, it quickly evolved into a true passion for singing. She participated in her middle school’s talent shows and joined camps that revolved around music. From there, her focus for the rest of her life would be music. “Aubrey has been singing since she was old enough to talk, so it is no wonder this has been her passion and her chosen career path. I have enjoyed watching her work hard, practicing for hours on end, developing her skill. I cannot wait to see what she does through her twenties,” states her father Bill King.




She continued to express her love for singing in high school by joining Beckman’s choir class. As most freshmen, King started off in the mixed choir class. However, her skills and talent quickly allowed her to advance. By sophomore year, she was already in Bel Canto, the advanced all-women’s choir, before moving up to Madrigals, the advanced mixed ensemble, in her junior year. Now as a senior, King is actively involved in both Bel Canto and Madrigals, as well as Beckman’s guitar class. King frequently earns the much-coveted solo parts in each of her choirs. King is the soprano section leader in Madrigals, a great feat for aspiring singers like her. Mrs. Stuck, Beckman’s choir teacher, chose King to be the section leader because “she is able to lead a group of students in rehearsal. She knows what she is doing and she has the technical and leadership skills as well as the confidence to lead other students through the learning process.” King’s passion and dedication for music drives her to success and allowed her to be beyond prepared for her future.




King strives for excellence during her performances for choir. They partake in festivals, concerts, and competitions. During competitive performances such as festivals, judges rank everyone individually from poor, good, great, excellent, to superior. Both Bel Canto and Madrigals receive the rank of unanimous superior every year. Getting superior each year is extremely impressive, and King works hard to uphold Beckman choir’s shining reputation. This semester, King will be performing at the eighth grade assembly in March with the Madrigals choir class to promote choir for rising freshman. Over spring break, the Bel Canto women’s advanced choir will be performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City. “I am really excited for this opportunity because we are finally going to Carnegie Hall,” King exclaims. As well as performing with choir, King has also done individual debuts by participating in competitions.




Besides partaking in choir and guitar, King is also part of a band called Jinx and an ensemble called The Unaccompanied Minors. King joined Jinx this year as the lead singer after the previous lead left the group. She was asked to join because of her optimism for singing and incredible leadership skills. Although it has only been a year, King and her bandmates have formed strong bonds and work together to pull off amazing performances. Recently, they took the stage at Battle of the Bands. “I have not been with them for a long time, but it is really engaging and was a great experience for me to sing for the students,” remarks King. Her ensemble group The Unaccompanied Minors wows the crowd as well. Based off of the group Pentatonix, a viral YouTube a capella group known for innovative compositions and techniques, they are known around campus to perform acoustic songs at school events. “We performed at senior reflections last year, which was fun and exciting. That and prom assembly will be something I will always remember,” comments King. Both Jinx and The Unaccompanied Minors highlight the potential in King. Her excitement and commitment during the performances bring out her musical talent.




Besides singing and playing the guitar, King also participates in several other extracurricular activities. She was also actively involved with cheer for all four years in high school, and is the current cheer captain. In addition, King also writes her own music, hoping to professionally record them in the future. She draws inspiration for songs from her life and past experiences. Although songwriting is a task full of creative and technical difficulties, King finds pleasure in utilizing her skills and creating beautiful music.




As a senior, King has already applied for college. She plans to attend Azusa Pacific University to major in their commercial music program. The program allows her to write songs, record and play her music, and even release her own albums. This university gives King the opportunity to achieve her dreams in becoming a singer. As King states, “Always know what you want to do, do not do something because it is required, do it because you want to do it.” She has achieved that by taking classes that will guide her on her musical path. Her passion for singing is clear, for she has a goal that she has already achieved.




The beauty of music is that the artist is able to express her feelings through a simple melody. Similarly, King conveys her devotion for music through her guitar and her voice. Her breathtaking singing skills make her unique and different from the crowd. King is on her way to becoming a musical success in singing.