Rhyming in the Poetry Cafe


Ruby Choi

Beckman’s Library Media Center hosted its Poetry Cafe on Friday, April 28 during lunch.

IRVINE – On Friday, April 28, Beckman High School’s Poetry Cafe was hosted in the library. They provided cookies, brownies, and other refreshments as winners of the poetry contest gathered together to recite their poems in front of an audience. The event was hosted by the Beckman Library Media Center. Many audience members attended to listen to originally-written poems.




The event started with senior Ali Parandi. He recited his poem about darkness and negativity in the world. It told a story of the loneliness and depression that many may feel in their lives. However, he talked about how there is hope and that there is always happiness. Next, junior Katherine Wong stepped up to recite her poem. Her poem talked about romance and happiness in life. She talked about the bliss and emotional happiness that one feels as they love someone else. Afterward, senior Wendy Rincon stood up and presented her poem that told her story of her four years in high school, her struggles, and accomplishments. She talked of her team, softball, and the many nights of stress she received as she studied for her schoolwork and exams in her earlier years.




“I absolutely enjoyed reciting my poem at the poetry cafe. It was a little nerve-wracking to get up in front of everyone and read the poem I wrote out loud, but I was very glad that I was able to experience it and I really enjoyed all the other people’s poems, everyone’s poems were really great and had a very interesting meaning and topic to it. I totally recommend the poetry cafe to all patriots,” expressed junior Janelle Kim.




“It was a nice event,” stated Rincon. “The environment was really cozy and had a nice warm feeling to it and I found all the other poems to be really good and well-thought. I give applause to all the other poets!”




Next, Kim stood at the podium to recite her poem about a young girl, herself, and of her hardships and life story through metaphors and imagery of the four seasons. She utilized winter to talk of her hardships and used the image of summer and spring to illustrate her happiness. After, sophomore Sofia Torres Copca talked about the unique topic of the rise of the twenties in the social life, revolving around the theme of The Great Gatsby. Sophomore Christina Kevorkov recited her poem about the reality of the horrors and the brokenness of the world. She went over topics such as racism, violence, segregation, feminism, and other worldly topics. “It was really nice to be able to express my opinions and beliefs through poetry and writing to other people for them to listen to. I hope that more people will love poetry and appreciate it more. It was a great event!” commented Kevorkov




Afterwards, sophomore Aarushi Bhasakaran recited her poem about the perspective of a soldier in war. She went over heartfelt scenarios of a soldier watching his fellow companions fall into an eternal sleep of death and how he vowed to let the next bullet take his life instead. Freshman Amin Parandi followed, reciting his poem about nature in the four seasons. Using vivid descriptions of imagery, he described the beauty of nature in winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Next, sophomore Kevin Hwang recited his poem about an ode to springtime. Lastly, sophomore Edward Jin finished the event by reciting a poem that was inspired by his favorite book.




As the event was wrapped up, the poetry winners gathered together for a picture as the audience members exited the library. The Beckman Library Media Center hopes to initiate many more events such as the Poetry Cafe and encourages young Patriot poets to participate in these events in order to showcase their talents and passions with others.