Catherine Cui: The E-Pi-tome of Math and Science


Photograph Courtesy of Catherine Cui.

Catherine Cui is a passionate scholar that is eager to learn more in order to achieve her goals.

The obscure world of mathematics and science can be difficult to understand. With countless formulas, scientific equations, elements, and chemical compositions out there, fully grasping the concept is hard and strenuous. However, working out complex math problems and delving into the realm of science has always been freshman Catherine Cui’s gift. Her strong passion for math and science is truly remarkable, setting her apart from her peers.




Growing up in an environment of mathematics and science, Cui was naturally intrigued by the concept. “My family always encouraged me to do it because my parents are really into math and science, so I grew up with it around me,” comments Cui. As an avid supporter of Cui’s accomplishments in math and science, her mother states, “She has broad interests to life and is always passionate about her work. I’m so proud to see her grow and develop interest in math and science, which requires high self discipline and self motivation to plan and organize time and effort, and balance well among her school work and after school activities and hobbies.” Under the encouragement of her family members, she slowly began to realize her talent in math and science, motivating her to join Beckman’s Math and Orange County (OC) Science clubs.




Beckman’s math club is dedicated to understanding the perplexing world of mathematics. During club meetings, members focus on strengthening their math skills and preparing for upcoming math competitions such as American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), American Regions Mathematics League (ARML) Local competitions, and many more. For Cui, she prepares for math competitions, focusing on solving problems quickly and accurately. Recently, she represented the math club at the American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME) for her outstanding achievement in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) earlier this year. Scoring in the 98th percentile, Cui’s intelligence and hard work paid off. Although preparations for math competitions are intensive, Cui is willing to go the extra mile and achieve the best score she can get in every competition.




On the other hand, Beckman’s Orange County (OC) Science club focuses on a fervent passion for science and community service. Members volunteer and host local science events for younger children to nurture their love for science. The club also provided an opportunity to participate in the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair (OCSEF). As the current underclassman representative for the OC Science club, Cui takes on the leadership role, representing the underclassmen at board meetings and making sure that everyone is on task during meetings and events. Leading and contributing to OC Science shows her commitment and dedication to not only science but the responsibility she takes on as underclassman representative. Taking her talent and using it to give back to her community shows that Cui is willing to spread her love for science among younger generations.




As an active member of both the math and OC Science clubs, Cui’s passion definitely stands out. Cui loves engaging in these clubs because it has taught her the importance of good work ethic and learning to focus on the process not the end results. “I learned how to come back from failure and how to persevere through math and science club. It is rewarding to see results after you have put in so much of your effort,” remarks Cui. She also learns to manage her time by balancing out her schedule between math and OC science clubs, school work, and other extracurricular activities. With her continuous contribution to both clubs, Cui will excel into higher board positions in the future and lead both clubs to success.




Besides math and science, Cui is also heavily involved in volunteering and the arts. She is also part of the Leadership Experience Opportunities (LEO) club, a volunteering organization at Beckman. The LEO club focuses on community service and hosts events such as book and food drives. “The difference between this volunteering and the others [OC Science] is that instead of focusing on the academic side, it is focusing more on kindness,” Cui acknowledges. In addition to volunteering, Cui is a talented artist and musician. Whenever she is not figuring out math or science problems, Cui likes to express her creativity. She loves to draw and spends her spare time creating artwork. She is also a member of the concert orchestra as a violist and plays the piano outside of school. Regardless of her engagement in math, science, volunteering, or the arts, Cui is nonetheless a multi-talented freshman with great achievements ahead of her.




In the future, math and science will definitely be integrated into Cui’s life. She plans on going into computer sciences or the medical field, incorporating both math and science into her career. She is currently looking into University of California, Berkeley’s computer science program. However, Cui has three more years to go in her high school journey. Her options are limitless, but her passion will always remain mathematics and science.