Do It Yourself: DIY Club


Ruby Choi

Beckman’s DIY club covers a wide variety of activities, each presented with a creative twist.

IRVINE – Ready, set, craft! Although there are many different and unique clubs on Beckman’s campus, the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) club shines in the midst of it all with its fun and creative crafts and activities. The DIY club gathers together every Tuesday during lunch in Room 301 to chat about different DIY crafts and conduct them together. From making potted plants to paper related crafts, the DIY club does it all.




The DIY club gathers together creative individuals to craft their own unique artworks and crafts. The club also works to sell these masterpieces and donate their crafts to different organizations. “I think [the DIY club] stands out because most of the clubs are really centered around meeting once a month and creating work for colleges to see, but in the DIY club, we meet every single Tuesday so that way we know each other well, we are more closely connected; we can also get things done together,” expressed club president Maia Nguyen.




The members of the club huddle around a table during their lunch meetings to respectfully examine and inspect the projects and crafts of other students and the progress that they work on. They display their own crafts and artworks to other students and explain their own masterpiece, receiving praise and thoughtful criticism from fellow club members. “The DIY club involves everyday materials in creating functional and aesthetically-pleasing crafts,” explained club board member Michelle Trinh. “I really do enjoy being a board member of the club; I enjoy creating so many different crafts to show off and keep and it’s just a really fun and interesting club.”




“The DIY club is a place for creative minds to come together and share ideas,” commented club board member Katelyn Thang. “We are able to share our own ideas to the other people of the club and take feedback from them. We are like a family and I look forward to every Tuesday to be able to work on my crafts and chatter with my friends. We can also work on the crafts together too, so it is just really fun.” Many club members also work together to create many different and unique pieces of art, and enjoy coming to the club meetings every Tuesday to be able to utilize their creative minds.




The club desires to continue to sell and donate their products and watch the club become more known and thrived in the school. The DIY club hopes that the club will be able to flourish even more and the club members truly encourage the creative and unique minds of Beckman to come and join the club. As the members flourish in the DIY club, they continue to utilize their collective minds to create and present their masterpieces to the student body.