Jessica Lee: Creating Vivid Stories with Art


Jessica Lee is an aspiring artist with a passion to create stories using art. The painting in this picture is called “Me Myself 나 (“me” in Korean)” which conveys Lee’s emotions and thoughts about herself.

A single stroke on the canvas is equivalent to a thousand words, and one painting can tell an entire story. This is the magic of art: having the ability to convey different emotions, thoughts, and stories all in one single setting. Sophomore Jessica Lee tells her own stories through art and expresses what it truly means to be an artist.


Lee’s artistic journey started when she was younger. After seeing abstract and acrylic paintings from her everyday life, she was inspired to recreate what she saw. “I saw those pictures, and then I thought I could draw [them too]. That is how I got into art,” Lee states. As she continued to draw, Lee discovered the hidden stories weaved into each painting, expressing the thoughts and emotions of the artists. Intrigued by the beauty and intricacy of art, she strived to create her own stories with art. What seemed like a small hobby quickly evolved into a fervent and lifelong passion.


Lee’s current feeling or mood inspires her to create different artworks that convey different stories. To show her emotions and thoughts, Lee applies different textures, creating meaningful stories with each stroke. Her happiness is expressed through smooth textures with vivid colors and imagery, whereas her sadness is expressed through rough textures, symbolizing the roughness of life. “If I have nowhere to tell my story or there is no one to listen [to my story], I just express it with artwork,” comments Lee. Her friend Samantha Lam asserts, “Jessica’s art is her words. Through the images she uses, amount of space, [and] the type of lines, you can tell what she is saying.” Lee weaves in her own emotions and thoughts to create beautiful stories for her art.


The style of art Lee enjoys is abstract and acrylic. She likes to create quirky and unusual abstract paintings because it brings out her creativity and gives her the freedom to create whatever she wants. On the other hand, Lee also does acrylic to convey her meaningful stories with stunning visuals. Her masterpiece, “Beauty of 84 Years Old”, uses acrylic paint to tell the story of the hidden beauty of an 84-year-old grandma. Lee’s choice of color and texture evokes the sense of youth and livelihood, as well as her deep passion for art. “I like this artwork because it requires a lot of technique, and I spent a lot of time [creating it]. The main reason why I like this artwork is that there is the meaning of ‘age does not matter’,” Lee asserts. Although abstract and acrylic art express different emotions and stories, Lee uses both types of art styles to tell unique stories.


Lee’s deep passion for art is incomparable. Simply picking up the paintbrush makes her joyful, for art is an important asset to her life. Art allows her to feel not only happy, but free and motivated because she can take her mind off of stress from school and homework. In addition, Lee remarks, “I love art because you can show something that you cannot express in words. I can make people happy and smile with my own artworks.” For Lee, it is not just the stories that make art special, but the joy she receives from drawing.


Outside of school, Lee participates many extracurricular activities, including tennis as a hobby as well as volunteering at a disability center. Lee also takes art classes at the Irvine Da Vinci Art Studio to enhance her artistic abilities. She also avidly draws at home and strives for improvement. One of her friends, Eva Wei, states that Lee is “always practicing because she deeply enjoys art.”


In the future, art will definitely be part of Lee’s career. She wants to major in graphic designs because she wants to incorporate technology into art. Regardless of what Lee will do in the future, she will always be passionately drawing and creating meaningful stories with her art.