Rushing for New Clubs


Karolyne Diep

Clubs like the Rainbow Alliance rally other students to join their club.

Leena Shin, Staff Writer

IRVINE- On Friday, Oct. 6, Arnold O. Beckman High School hosted their annual club rush at the clock tower during lunch to introduce the line-up of this year’s school clubs. Board members of the clubs set up their own booths to encourage patriots to join their clubs.


As soon as the lunch bell rang, crowds of Patriots filed out of their classrooms to investigate the different clubs for the school year of 2017-18. The area around the clock tower was completely packed with thousands of students shuffling around with their friends and stopping by the booths. Many patriots signed up for clubs so they could be involved in school activities to show school spirit and appeal to colleges in the future.


There was a wide variety of clubs such as the Love of God (LOG) club, Save the Pandas club, Math club, Orange County (OC) Science club, Youth Action Team (YAT) club, Key Club, Pink Ribbon club, Rainbow Alliance club, and more. Clubs ranged from focusing on volunteering, school subjects, hobbies, identity and more.


The club board members were thrilled to see people sign up for their clubs. They enthusiastically encouraged students to join their clubs by waving signs and playing music. “It’s a good opportunity to get involved in the school, so I think you [the students] should sign up as much as you can,” expressed junior Nari Ok, a board member of the Tutor Corporations (Corps) club.


Sophomore Sandra Park, aboard member of the LOG club, agreed with Ok. “Club Rush was definitely one of the many interesting events at school. I loved seeing enthusiastic freshmen try to find their way from one table to another.” Park exclaimed. “Especially at the LOG table, I was so blessed to see new brothers and sisters join our club!”


Club Rush is especially a new and unique experience for freshmen. For many freshmen, the club rush experience would consist of signing up for an overloading amount of clubs out of excitement. “I think it’s [club rush] good because it gives students the opportunity to do stuff [activities] that they love in an educational environment,” commented freshman Ryan Mulhall.


Club Rush is a great opportunity for Patriots to sign up for the clubs they are interested in to get involved in Beckman. Beckman offers a diverse variety of clubs for students to engage in their passions and talents. This year, Beckman will also hold another Club Rush at the start of the second semester. Club Rush will continue to occur at the beginning of every school year and semester to initiate the start of Beckman’s clubs.