Spirit Week’s Chamber of Secrets


Stephanie Xu

Beckman covered the school with Harry Potter -themed decorations in order to get Patriots pumped for Homecoming.

April Wang, Staff Writer

IRVINE – On the week of Monday, Oct. 9 to Friday, Oct. 13, Beckman High School hosted the Homecoming Spirit Week before the Homecoming football game and the Homecoming dance on Friday, Oct. 13 and Saturday, Oct. 14, respectively. Each day of the week had its own theme corresponding to characters and ideas from “Harry Potter,” the theme of the Homecoming Dance. Students part of the Associated Student Body (ASB) and Class Council prepared for Spirit Week weeks in advance of the anticipated date.


ASB students including Sahar Ahmed, the sophomore ASB Vice President, began to gather ideas before school had begun. “In the summer, during ASB camp, we came up with the idea of ‘Homecoming at Hogwarts,’” Ahmed explained. “We held meetings, and every grade brainstormed an idea for the dance, eventually settling on “Harry Potter,” an idea suggested by the seniors.” The hallways of each building were also decorated by ASB with elaborate designs and references to the popular book and movie series by J.K. Rowling. “We sketched out ideas for our hallways, then we got together the last few weeks leading up to Homecoming to work on our decorations,” Ahmed said.


Each day had its own unique theme tied to the characters and houses in Harry Potter. Senior ASB Vice President Lizzie Chu helped brainstorm ideas for each day. “We tried to come up with puns that were related to the theme of each day but that were also practical for students to wear to school,” Chu described. Thursday, a student favorite, was called “You are the Chosen One,” and many students wore clothes and drew scars in the shape of lightning on their foreheads like Harry Potter.


Sophomore Vienna Yung was excited for Spirit Week and the Homecoming Dance as it was fun to get together with friends and relax before the start of the second quarter. “My favorite day was Dementor Day,” Yung recalled. “That Monday, we got to wear all black to show off our school spirit.”


A few teachers also got involved with the themes of each day. Mr. Chow, a science teacher at Beckman who participated by dressing up for Weasley Twin Day on Wednesday, loved Spirit Week. “I think it’s fun whenever we have the chance to be united as a school and as a student body,” Chow stated. “Spirit Week is a great reminder that from time to time, it’s important to get out of our comfort zones and try something new.”


Despite the loss of Tuesday, or Dobby Crazy Socks Day, due to Canyon Fire 2, Spirit Week increased anticipation for the Homecoming Game and Homecoming Dance for students throughout the school. “We were really happy with the outcome of Spirit Week,” Ahmed reflected. “It was awesome how everyone was excited for Homecoming, and the hallways looked great, so the time spent to prepare was worth it.”


Overall, Spirit Week was able to garner excitement for the upcoming game and dance and allow students to feel more relaxed at the end of the first quarter. ASB was able to prepare an elaborate and well-thought-out week according to the theme of the Homecoming Dance that both students and teachers enjoyed.