Life Lessons from Mr. Chow: Never Ever Give Up


Photo courtesy of Dyan Jaime

Mr. Chow hypes up the crowd in his NEGU talk consisting of personal stories and encouragement.

April Wang, Staff Writer

IRVINE – On Wednesday, Nov. 15, Link Cru hosted the year’s first Never Ever Give Up (NEGU) event during lunch. It was held in the gymnasium, starring Mr. Chow, a biology teacher at Beckman. The NEGU committee within Link Cru organized the event weeks in advance, and Mr. Chow gave his motivational speech in front of dozens of eager students of many different grade levels.


The NEGU committee chose Mr. Chow because he was able to bring wisdom to every situation. “Even if he was talking about the simplest things, he made sure to incorporate some life lessons into them,” said senior Briana Pelayo, a Link Cru Coordinator.


Mr. Chow focused his speech in the context of biology and described his own personal stories to give the audience a lesson on living life to its fullest. “Mr. Chow’s motivational speech really taught us the meaning of life,” said sophomore and audience member Samiksha Komatireddy. “He gave us awesome advice to never give up and to always persevere through hardships. He encouraged us to have a positive attitude in life, which he said was his life mantra.”


Taking ideas familiar to high school students, Mr. Chow examined and interpreted concepts in a new perspective. “We all have a heart GPA,” said Chow during the speech. “It isn’t like an academic GPA. Your heart GPA is based on how much gratitude and respect you give to others.”


Many audience members attended the NEGU speech because they enjoyed Mr. Chow as a teacher and enjoyed the motivational nature and positive perspective of the speech. “I decided to go to Mr. Chow’s speech because he was my favorite teacher in freshman year,” said Komatireddy. “I really enjoyed listening to his speech, and Mr. Chow engaged the audience by being very positive and because his motivational quotes about life were really inspiring.”


The speech was one of the few NEGU events throughout the year with the purpose of motivating students during times of stress. “The speeches inspire students,” Pelayo said. “High school is hard, so we tend to choose people who we think will deliver a meaningful message and motivate students. The speeches encourage students to continue to overcome any obstacles they may have.”


Even though attendance was optional, Beckman’s gymnasium was full of excited students ready to hear Mr. Chow’s speech. The NEGU event fostered positivity and encouraged determination among students in one of the most stressful times of the year: the month before finals. He shared his own stories about life that connected him to the students while simultaneously engaging the students through his positivity. The speech was only one of many more to come in the following months, and Link Cru’s NEGU committee will be preparing Beckman for more inspiring events in the future.