Do Students Exhibit Passion in What They Do?


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Students should prioritize their passions and aspirations in their educational careers.

Daniel Kang, Staff Writer

The purpose of high school is for students to experience various genres of subjects and define their passions as they grow into adulthood. However, countless individuals ascribe schools as a loftier ambition rather than interests alone. When finishing the last stages of middle school, students are exposed to a wide variety of opportunities to pursue as high schoolers. Although envisioning and planning their future is necessary, a student’s passion should also play a role in their decisions. When confronted with the choice of whether to take a rigorous class or not, a student’s decisions alter if their peers are willing to take the class as well. Students should be passionate about the classes and extracurriculars they pursue.


According to Education Innovation Organization, when given the freedom to choose their own classes, instead of putting the focus on passion or genuine interest, students concentrate on how it would benefit their college applications. From Advanced Placement (AP) classes to honors classes, students are burdened under the rigor of their classes. Even though colleges continuously say “be yourself,” this only applies if “yourself” pursues countless AP and honors classes, thousands of extracurriculars, and ten varsity sports. However, while those intense classes are important, according to The Guardian, colleges look more for passion rather than academics itself. Two students examples were shown: Amy Steinman, a girl who lived in Texas, and Michael Lee, a student who lived in California. Amy entered Microsoft’s voice-controlled software contest and diffused her software throughout the world; she was admitted to Princeton. Michael, just an average student residing in Northern California, was admitted to Cornell University by writing a novel, which was published throughout the country. These students followed their strong passion and were admitted to the most prestigious colleges in the United States.


In the stages of being a high school scholar, peers majorly affect the actions, activities, and social lives of individuals in general. There have been countless cases where a student applies to a college just because their friends applied to it; however, one ends up not being admitted. Instead of strong ambition about their interests, the academics reflect off of their “friends.” Due to this, students are not able to plan nor control their future due to the unnecessary extracurriculars, classes and sports they have taken. When it is time to submit college applications, these mistakes do not allow them to write a college application that adequately highlights their passions, interests and ambitions. According to CNN, colleges absolutely despise applicants that fill their applications only with academics, which is completely opposite of their “dream or passion”.


There can be various obstacles stopping high school students from achieving what they desire. However, these obstacles should not play a role in the decision. Even proved by the admission officers, a strong passion is what really affects whether the student is admitted or rejected. Hopefully, in the future, students will make better decisions regarding their high school lives, allowing their own passions to play more major roles.