Beckman Goes Up Against Northwood in a Debate Tournament With Positive Results


Photograph by Hailing Ding

Beckman’s Debate Team reaps major wins at the Orange County Speech League Northwood tournament.

Leena Shin, Staff Writer

IRVINE- On Saturday, Nov. 11, the Beckman High School debate team went to Northwood High School for a debate tournament held by the Orange County Speech League (OCSL).


The tournament consisted of two different styles of debate: Lincoln Douglas (LD) and Policy. The team captain Dana Chen and her partner Gena Huynh, both seniors, participated in policy debate, whereas the rest of the team participated in LD debates.


LD debate is a one versus one debate, and participants debate on moral, ethics, and values. LD debates last for 45 minutes, and winners from each round are ranked and matched with another opponent. For this debate competition, the topic for LD debates was about whether military conscriptions should be legalized.


The second style is Policy debate in which students engage in a two versus two debate about policies and philosophies for about two hours. The topic for the Policy debate was about whether the United States federal government should substantially increase its fundings or regulations of elementary and secondary education in the United States.


Huynh and Chen placed first in the Policy debate. “I’m really proud because I’ve been doing debate for four years now, starting in my freshman year,” said Huynh. “Last year, my partner and I won second at a different tournament and this is the year we won first for the first time, so it’s been really rewarding to see our growth and it’s really nice to see all of the new debaters because Northwood was one of the first tournaments for a lot of new debaters.”


Participants of LD debate also performed well, with junior Shira Silver placing second, junior Sameer Ghai placing third, and senior Madison Hung placing fourth.  “I wasn’t really sure I was going to win much because this is my first year doing [a debate tournament], at least in Beckman,” said Ghai. “This year I [just] started [debate tournaments], and I didn’t think I was going to win at this one because there were a lot of people coming. But I was really satisfied that I got third.”


Beckman’s debate advisor, Ms. Ruddell, was also extremely pleased with the Patriots’ results. “The debate has just improved so much since it started,” said Ruddell. “It all started four years ago, and no one had ever heard of Beckman High school and now they know that Beckman High School is a force to be reckoned with. They’ve gone from barely knowing debate to being one of the top in the league, and they have done just a fabulous job.”


Beckman’s debate team was satisfied and happy with their positive results from the debate tournament. The debaters look forward to the upcoming tournaments in January at Claremont High School and in February at the University of California, Berkeley.