Melodies at the Happiest Place on Earth


Photograph Courtesy of Angela Cai

Beckman’s Chamber Orchestra celebrates a successful performance by posing in front of California Screamin’.

Leena Shin, Staff Writer

ANAHEIM – On Friday, Oct. 20, Beckman’s Chamber Orchestra departed from school for a day to perform at Disney’s California Adventure. The musicians played different selections of Disney music and were able to have the opportunity to spend the rest of their day at the amusement park.


The Chamber Orchestra prepared for their performance ever since the start of the school year. “The preparation process was pretty much since the beginning of the year,” said sophomore Elizabeth Kim. “We received the music right away and practiced even until the hour before the performance.” The musicians practiced together daily in their class time and practiced outside of school individually to prepare themselves.


On performance day, the students piled onto a bus and departed from the school at approximately 10 a.m. and traveled to the amusement park. Upon their arrival, the students entered into a concert venue located in California Adventures and rehearsed for a final time before starting the performance.


The entire performance lasted for about 30 minutes. The tracklist consisted of various Disney pieces such as: “Under the Sea” from the “Little Mermaid,” “The Spirit of Adventure” from “Captain America,” the “Incredibles” theme song, “When She Loved Me,” and more highlights from the “Beauty and the Beast,” “Up,” and “Toy Story”.


After the performance ended, the audience applauded the students for their hard work and effort. Once they finished cleaning up and forming groups with their friends, the students were released into the theme park to spend the rest of the day celebrating their efforts.


The students had an absolute blast riding different rides and visiting various attractions, having the opportunity to take a break from school work. “The Disneyland trip was such a fun experience and I’m already super excited to go again in the future years. It’s definitely a trip I will never forget,” said sophomore Hailey Park.


The conductor of the Chamber Orchestra, Mr. Jim Kollias, was also proud of the orchestra. “We were chosen as a result of an audition. This is quite an honor to be chosen, and we always enjoy the opportunity to perform in a world-class venue,” said Kollias. “My expectation is that we’ll always do our best to represent our Beckman […] community in the most positive light possible. The band and orchestra program is a place where most people have contact with Beckman High School.”


Beckman’s Chamber Orchestra wishes to continue performing at the Disneyland parks in the future. The musicians were excited about this opportunity, and many of the students proclaimed the trip to be an experience they will never forget.