Blood. Sweat. Tears.


The only female four year senior wrestlers.

Ashley Gray, Staff Writer

Coming out of middle school, senior Melissa Moreno’s parents figured it would be a good idea for her to get participate in different activities during high school. Whether it be asb, clubs, or sports, Beckman has so many different opportunities to get involved. Melissa had a hard time deciding what to do at her new school so, naturally she asked her friends. Wrestling tryouts were coming up and some of her friends planned on going and they convinced her to go as well.



Most people were not aware that the school had a wrestling team. Before Melissa and other girls joined, the girls’ wrestling team at Beckman was practically nonexistent. The team consisted of one girl, Alisa Adanza, who went to most tournaments alone her freshman year. With the new additions to the team, she no longer needed to do things alone. All throughout Melissa’s wrestling career, Alisa acted as a mentor and example for Melissa.



Melissa currently holds a 3.4 GPA. Having started wrestling as a freshman with no prior experience, she is now the only female wrestler who has continued for all four years. Melissa is the team captain for the Lady Patriots Wrestling Team who “leads by example”. Her teammates describe her as outgoing, strong and up to any challenge that comes her way. “She is very committed considering how long she’s been on the team”, said Alisa.  She is loved by both her teammates and her coaches. “She has such a positive personality and brings light to any room. She’s funny, helpful and courageous”, said Evelyn.



To Melissa, wrestling is more than just being a part of a team. “The whole team is really close and honestly they are some of the most genuine people I’ve met in my life, and I know for sure that my teammates will be my lifelong friends”, said Melissa. In wrestling, she has built many friendships in her life, but the people that she has met are some of her closest confidants and best friends. “Every team has a bond, you know? But it’s different with wrestling. We cry together, sweat together, and bleed together. Blood, sweat, and tears. We put everything into what we do. We learn and grow together. This team is not just a team, it’s a family”, Melissa said.  



Thus far this season, Melissa is undefeated. She is currently first in the Southern Section, sixth in the state and predicted to be first place in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) this season. With three tournaments left, she is determined to place during state and nationals, but it will not come without hard work.



Wrestlers put a lot of time into perfecting their craft. During the week, Melissa as well as many other wrestlers, are required to attend a practice for about 3 hours. Wrestlers give up a lot of freedom. They have practices over breaks, including summer vacation leaving them limited time to do any other activities. Since wrestlers usually need to make weight once a week, they have to be very disciplined with their eating habits, whether school is in session or not. “Wrestling isn’t easy. Definitely not hugs and rainbows, but harder than I thought it was going to be”, said Melissa. The team has lots of fun and there are plenty of team outings, but wrestling is not for anyone. “I wouldn’t recommend wrestling to everyone. That’s not because I’ve had bad experiences on the team, because I can assure you that’s not the case. Wrestling takes a lot, it’s not just a physical sport. You have to be able to push your mind and body. If you’re not willing to go into the room and push yourself every day, then wrestling isn’t for you”, she said.



Wrestling is one of the most challenging sports played at Beckman. Each season she had her hardships and struggles, but her teammates and her coaches provided her with “one of the best support teams anyone could imagine,”  she said. “Every coach and wrestler wants me to succeed. Either way I always push myself all that I have nothing to regret after season.” All the coaches want the best for Melissa, however the coach she says pushes her the most is Coach Dallas. “He knows what my strengths are and helps me improve them. Not only does he push me to become a better wrestler but a better person”, she said. “There is always room for improvement”, said Melissa. Whether it be at a competition,  in the room during practice or in the real world, she that with her everywhere. She pushes herself every moment that she can, to grow as a wrestler and a person.
She enjoys the sport, “not only the company of my teammates during my matches, but the physical competition against other people.” So many girls with different experience levels go to these tournaments and give it their all. “One of the best parts of wrestling is see yourself moving up on the bracket as well as your teammates”. It is great to see all the hard work from practices paying off. Wrestling has brought Melissa so many opportunities. She has made many friends within wrestling and gotten offers from Gannon University and Waldorf University. However, she plans to go to Santa Ana College to study criminal justice and eventually become an armed police officer. Even though she does not intend on wrestling in college, she believes that the experiences given to her by entering the schools wrestling program will be beneficial during academy training.