Netflix’s New Take for the Spooky Season

Not trick-or-treating this upcoming Halloween? Netflix will make sure that you will be terrified in the chilly shrouded night

October 29, 2019


Photo Courtesy of Collider

The majority of the characters from “In the Tall Grass.”

Spooky season is here, the perfect time for thriller and horror movie lovers. Looking for places to go? Say hello to Netflix and Chills, a special lineup of horror movies on Netflix. Whether you are looking for new Netflix releases such as “Eli,” “In the Tall Grass” and “Rattlesnake” or rewatching non-Netflix oldies such as “The Conjuring,” “Insidious” or even binge-watching every season of “American Horror Story,” Netflix has it all. So here is a couple of new and old shows for you to binge!


If you are stuck in a field of thriller movie choices, consider “In the Tall Grass.” This movie is about siblings, Becky ‒ who is pregnant ‒ and Cal DeMuth, who end up venturing into a field after hearing a cry for help from it. They discover a panicked young boy and his seemingly suspicious father, all the while getting more and more separated from one another. They end up stuck in a time loop of murder and grotesque events. 


The boy from “Eli,” wearing his “bubble suit.” (Photo Courtesy of Indiewire)

“In the Tall Grass” is more suitable for those who enjoy a good thrill, but “Eli” is a horror movie about a young boy with a rare disease which gives him severe allergic reactions to the outdoors. He is forced to live in a bubble suit, but when he ends up in a medical institution, he is happily able to be rid of it. His happiness, unfortunately, is brief as the owners of the institution experiment on him, and he begins to experience supernatural events, taking a demonic turn.


Those movies are Netflix’s newer horror and thriller releases in the new Netflix and Chills category, but for those looking for a classic to watch, “American Horror Story” is the TV-show to binge when you are feeling ready for a wild adventure of horror and outright gross events. Season One starts off as a family of three moves into a new city after the father, a psychologist, is discovered to be having an affair with one of his clients. As for the other members, the daughter quickly becomes an outcast at school, and the mother is emotionally torn apart by her husband’s affair and the series of unfortunate events that occur after they move in. “American Horror Story” just becomes progressively terrifying and thrilling, while definitely becoming more horrorible through the seasons. 


So if you’re looking for a rollercoaster of horror, Netflix and Chills is packed with TV shows and movies that will definitely keep you awake at night. You have a bunch of choices to choose from, whether you’re looking for a movie about Satan’s child or a thriller that takes place in a field of tall grass. Netflix and Chills has it all.


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