Deck the Halls for the Holiday Arts Festival

Beckman High School hosts its second annual Holiday Arts Festival in the rebranded hospital wing with the Art, Film, Graphic Design, Photography and Theatre classes

December 10, 2019


Ivanna Tjitra

The Graphic Design 2 class sets up for the Holiday Arts Festival during sixth period.

On Friday, Dec. 6th, 2019, Beckman High School hosted its second annual Holiday Arts Festival in The Gallery, formerly called the hospital wing. The Art, Film, Graphic Design, Photography and Theatre students participated in the holiday event. The arts festival opened during sixth period to staff before officially opening to the student body after school.


“This is our second year for our Holiday Arts Festival,” said Mrs. Gigi Manning, the Graphic Design teacher. “It’s a collaborative effort between all of our visual imagery and performing arts department. Basically, what it came down to was the visual arts [department] were wondering how to display our artwork and we thought we needed an art platform and an art show at Beckman because Tustin and Foothill had their own art shows. And then it kind of evolved into a bigger event with orchestra, theatre and choir also adding into the atmosphere of The Gallery.”


The Holiday Arts Festival provided opportunities for visual arts students to network, learn how to sell and advertise their creations, showcase their work and give back to the Beckman community.


“The purpose of the Holiday Arts Festival is to help lots of artists at Beckman show their artwork and be proud of it because not a lot of it is shown to everyone,” said Jordan Shellow, a Photo Design student. “I feel like it’s really important for everyone to see it, just so then the artist feels pride and then the whole school – student body – can also see what’s happening in the arts program and can be inspired by it.”


Through the preparation and creating process, the visual arts students experimented with new materials, machines and creative ideas. The Graphic Design class sold handmade products they designed in class such as jewelry, cards, buttons, lanterns, shadow boxes, ornaments and more. The Photography class sold photos by making them into buttons, pins, cards or simply in frames. The Art class sold art through cards or making their artworks into buttons.


“The most important thing that I learned in preparation for this project was, honestly, collaboration,” said Jaden Tran, a Graphic Design 2 student. “Even though it was individually making products with each person creating a different product, we were still able to talk with one another and give each other ideas and critiques and it honestly helped a lot in the process of making.”


Art students stand to greet their customers browsing through their holiday cards.

At the Holiday Arts Festival, three main booths were set up with an array of products created by the Art, Graphic Design and Photography classes being sold. A make-your-own-button table was set up for students to design their own button. A small group of performers from Beckman Theatre also performed short improv shows in the corner of The Gallery while screenings of student-made films by the Film students were shown in Ms. Claudia Hardi’s classroom.


“If I could describe [the Holiday Arts Festival] in one word, I would say memorable,” said Jessica Choi, an Advanced Drawing and Painting student. “Because it’s not only something to raise money for. During the process, we got to work with a lot of different people, look at their own ideas, and I got to take away a lot from that.”


The money raised from the Holiday Arts Festival will be used toward the rebranding of the hospital wing into The Gallery, a place where the visual arts students can display their artwork within the Beckman community.


“We’ve been trying to create the old hospital wing into The Gallery and I think it’s really important to start rebranding that and making that an integral and important part of Beckman High School,” said Mrs. Manning “It’s a place for students – visual arts students – to display their work and show off the many talented students we have here at Beckman. So we’ve been rebranding it, slowly. The reason why we have things for sale and artworks for sale was to have a separate budget that would enable us to buy new frames that get broken or add installations like some of the canvases that you see and the mobiles and to create signs and, again, rebrand and reimage The Gallery at Beckman High School.”


With the Holiday Arts Festival, the visual arts and performing arts department of Beckman had the chance to showcase their talents and skills. Now, as the hospital wing develops into The Gallery, the visual arts students of Beckman will have a place dedicated to their artwork as a vital part of the creative Beckman community.


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