Disney’s Afternoon Cartoons Making a Return With Disney+

The classic cartoons from the 80s have returned both in popularity and demand with the return of these series on the new streaming platform Disney +. Even the new remake of the hit show Ducktales has continued the trend of bringing back the afternoon classics.

December 16, 2019


Ethan Pro

Scrooge McDuck the mascot and protagonist of Disney’s Ducktales reboot stands tall in top hat and cane posing for Beckman Beat’s photoshoot with him.

The Disney Afternoon Collection was a group of cartoons developed by Disney Studios for television between 1989 and 1994. The collection consisted of many shows but the main four are considered to be “Ducktales,” “Darkwing Duck,” “Talespin” and “Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers.” 


While the term “Disney Afternoon Collection” was actually named by Capcom after it released the game versions of these titles, many fans know these cartoons by this name.


The shows were very popular back in their days and have often been best-sellers for DVD or VHS re-releases. In fact, this is how I grew up with “Ducktales” on an old VHS tape and the theme song ingrained itself in my head for years. 


With the recent resurgence of the classics of Disney Channel through Disney+ many new generations are able to enjoy the classics that generations grew up with full HD and on any device that they may choose. Personally, I find it amazing that I’ve been able to go back and enjoy one of my favorite shows of all time by watching “Darkwing Duck” on Disney+. 


Ethan Prosser
The “Fab Four” of the Disney Afternoon Collection: “Ducktales,” “Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers,” “Talespin” and “Darkwing Duck”.

Even better than this return of the original cartoons is the reboot of Ducktales currently airing on “Disney XD.” The “Ducktales” Reboot’s second season included a cameo appearance from the legendary Darkwing Duck which gave fans like me a glimmer of hope for a reboot of “Darkwing Duck” on Disney XD. While this reboot has been confirmed to not be happening by Disney, instead fans have found out through teasers and posters of “Ducktales” Reboot Season 3 which show Darkwing Duck, Rescue Rangers (Chip n Dale), The Three Caballeros and Baloo the Bear. 


All of these are characters from the Afternoon Collection hinting that Disney will be bringing back these classic shows in Ducktales as one big Afternoon Reboot instead of separate multiple reboots. Whether this will be a good decision on Disney’s part or it will doom the popularity of these series in the long run. 

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