Spooky BTV: Episode 3

The credits for this week's special BTV episode

October 31, 2019

Producer: Nidhi Kumar

Directors: Ashley Cavecche, Finly Williamson, Ryan Wright

Writers: Ashley Cavecche, Finly Williamson, Ryan Wright

Editor: Isaiah Cisneros, Tristan Brion, Jack Spector

Crew: Isaiah Cisneros, Ishan Sharma, Jack Spector, Nidhi Kumar, Ryan Wright, Finly Williamson, Harper Obstfeld, Tristan Brion, Daniel Lee, Megan Romasoc, Ethan Parks

Actors: Mo Hijazi, Bella Kelso, Ismail Khader, Megan Romasoc, Ethan Parks, Ryan Puterbaugh, Gigi Saad, Elaine Vo

Special Appearance: Dr. Rafter


Segment #1: What High Schoolers are Wearing

Producers: Finly Williamson

Actors: Mayah, Melika, Alejandra, Karina, Mikayla, James, Allison, Amani


Segment #2: Robotics Promotion

Producers: Andrew Hong, Josh Kim

Interviewees: Kaelyn, Jeffrey, Van Anh


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