iPhone X vs. iPhone 11: Is The New Upgrade Worth It?

After the recent announcement of Apple’s new flagship smartphone devices, many consumers are likely wondering what the benefits of upgrading to the phones are and is it worth it to pay the high expenses for these phones or to wait for the 2020 models

September 23, 2019


Stephanie Xu

The new iPhone 11 Pro has three various cameras, which allows consumers to take more professional grade photos.

September 10, 2019. Across the world, millions tuned into Apple’s famous Fall Keynote Event. This event had been hyped up for many months as leaks and rumors flooded social media and YouTube. Amongst the announcements of new watches, iOS 13, and the new features of Apple TV+, nothing intrigued consumers more than the introduction of the iPhones. Consumers would get not one, not two, but three different new iPhones: the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. 


Unfortunately, following the Keynote presentation, many consumers (myself included) did not know what the differences were between the current iPhone models and the upgraded ones. Another big question on the minds of consumers: is it worth the money to upgrade to the new models or to just hold onto their functioning phones?


When looking at the most minimal models of the new upgraded line of phones, the iPhone 11, there are quite a few reasons that upgrading would be a wise decision. Firstly, the improved telephoto lens has the ability to capture a wide photo. Secondly, the phone has the most powerful chip ever found in a smartphone (according to Apple). Thirdly, the phone has become even more waterproof now being resistant up to 4 meters down for thirty minutes!


For those with an iPhone XR, there is a special upgrade that will be amazing in its appeal. The new iPhone 11 is only $699 for the base 64GB model. This is almost a hundred dollars cheaper than the original iPhone XR which was released at the time as the budget alternative to the iPhone X.


In an amazing feat of engineering, the new iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max have increased the normal battery life of an iPhone by up to five hours. This means for anyone who has an iPhone X which dies too often, you’ll never need to worry about making it through the day again.


Photographers will be glad to hear that the new iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max models will come with the most advanced camera seen in an iPhone before. With three lenses attached to the phone, consumers have complete control over what their perfect shot will look like at all times. 

Should people stick with the old iPhone X, buy the new iPhone 11, or wait until next year for the rumored completely new iPhone?


Quite possibly the most important upgrade found within the iPhone 11’s is the upgraded durability. As Apple’s commercials have shown, the iPhone 11 can withstand almost anything in life: being thrown, falling in water, or just being slobbered and stepped on by a dog. The iPhone 11’s durability will definitely be an upgrade over the more fragile design of the iPhone X.


However, while upgrading may seem like a no-brainer now there is something to consider. Apple has been tweeting and leaks have reported that the iPhone will receive a massive upgrade in 2020. The rumored features include 5G capabilities, USB-C chargers and in-display Touch ID. While these are mainly leaks and rumors, they all come from reliable sources on Apple information such as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. 


Is it best to upgrade now or to wait for the new phones? It all comes down to what the customer is looking for in a phone. The iPhone X will be relevant and well-working for another two years, but after that, an upgrade is inevitable. Is it better to switch now or to wait for 2020? Your choice.


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