The Shoe Game and ComplexCon

An event that gives you the opportunity to “Cop” or “Drop”

November 11, 2019


Nathan Su

Complex Con’s Takashi Murakami and Zen Giftshop

Anyone who’s really into shoes knows about reselling: buying anticipated items and selling them for double the profit or sometimes much more. Every year at Long Beach Convention Center, there is an event in November called ComplexCon. ComplexCon gives resellers from all different kinds of backgrounds an opportunity to come together and sell shoes and clothes from various brands such as Atmos NYC and Billionaire’s Boys Club.


I got into reselling in middle school when I saw people wearing Kanye’s Yeezys and started to research how to buy them. It wasn’t until after I started paying attention to shoes that I started to realize that I could resell shoes for profit. Now I am part of the reselling community, and I have my own network of information on how, when and where to buy profitable shoes. 


When I was a sophomore, I discovered ComplexCon. My first time at ComplexCon was hectic; some people tried to cut me in line, and I wasn’t quick enough to line up for the stuff that I wanted. However, this year I learned from my past experience and was able to quickly get what I wanted. 


While waiting in line, I met a renowned reseller named Manny R from Carson, California. Manny is a reseller who also supplies CoolKicksLA, a consignment shop famous for its numerous celebrity buyers such as Lil Yachty. He expressed how important reselling meant to him by telling me that he “lives for it” and “breathes for it.”


The line at ComplexCon 2019

I also met Heskicks, a famous reseller and Youtuber. With a total of 486,000 subscribers, he makes videos mostly related to reselling and clothing. He stated that he came “for the VIP experience and wanted to [test out ComplexCon].” Heskicks flew all the way from Portland, Oregon, which further shows how ComplexCon brings people from everywhere to one place.   


Whether it’s the rush to buy a pair of shoes or the joy of making multiple times the profit from selling shoes, reselling is very meaningful to people in the community. ComplexCon let me step foot into a world of reselling. As a sixteen-year-old, reselling shoes has broadened my world as I met new people from across the globe and allowed me to experience the joy of making money at a young age.


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