Say Yes to Social Distancing

Despite the risk of the coronavirus, handfuls of people refuse to follow social distancing. Why?

May 7, 2020


All Americans should say yes to social distancing in order to get through the coronavirus pandemic together. Photo Courtesy of Leena Shin

With the recent pandemic that has taken the world by storm, countries everywhere have been ordering and encouraging their citizens to stay home.


The coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China. It is a virus that is spread through close proximity with an infected person or by coming in contact with surfaces previously touched by an infected person and then touching one’s own eyes, mouth or nose. 


Due to the worldwide spike of infected people, many countries have initiated lockdowns or encouraged citizens to stay home, including the United States.


While the specific situation may vary by state, the United States is not in an official lockdown. People are not patrolled or completely restricted from leaving their homes. However, the government and the public have heavily encouraged and advised citizens to not go outside unless necessary. 


The term “social distancing” has also been introduced through this pandemic. Citizens are encouraged to not meet up together and keep a six feet distance from others in order to lessen the impact of the spreading pandemic. 


Despite the huge risks that are present if one goes out and meets up with others, there are a good number of people who are either protesting against social distancing or simply ignoring it. 


The first example are those who “minimize” the virus and the risks. According to Seth J. Gillihan in his article, “5 Bad Reasons Some People Still Aren’t Social Distancing,” some people may believe the virus to simply be like any other “flu” and, thus, is not a big deal. 


Others, especially those who are younger, claim that the virus will most likely not affect them to a great extent. Although it is true that younger people are at a lower risk of being severely affected by the coronavirus, this way of thinking greatly troubles me.


All around the world, public facilities such as the Kirkwood Playground are closing in order to encourage social distancing.

Even if it will not greatly affect yourself, there is a huge risk if a younger person is infected with the virus and brings it back home where their parents, grandparents or those with previously weak immune or respiratory systems may live. 


Another reason people ignore social distancing that Gillihan mentions in his article is that people may feel “entitled” to do “what they want.”  


It is completely understandable that many people may feel bored at home, trapped or simply miss their friends. Humans are naturally sociable creatures, and we seek comfort and a community within each other. 


However, it is still not okay to feel entitled to do whatever you want without any regard towards other people. It is only if everyone follows social distancing together will the impacts of the virus lessen. 


What is perhaps the most alarming recent development are the protests in the United States.


What are they protesting? They are protesting against the government for issuing social distancing. 


For example, hundreds of protesters gathered together, without face masks, and carried through with a demonstration against coronavirus lockdowns in the state of Washington. Protesters carried signs that read slogans such as “Honk for Freedom” and “Land of the Free.” 


The organizer, Tyler Miller, expressed: “We believe that the state governor has gone beyond his constitutional authority in shutting down businesses and ordering people to stay at home.” 


The protestors claimed that shutting down businesses and making people stay at home is “unconstitutional” and “taking away their freedom.” 


It is incredibly alarming that some Americans feel so entitled to the point where they protest against social distancing, which is something that is supposed to be helping everyone get through the pandemic together. 


Social distancing is something that everyone should be practicing to minimize the effects of the coronavirus. Although it may be frustrating to not be able to meet up with friends for lunch or go window shopping at a mall, staying home is an absolute necessity in order to emerge from the pandemic together victoriously.


Say yes to social distancing.


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