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A look into the newly emerged club, Beckman TARS, and their message to students

October 11, 2019


Photo Courtesy of Britney Ngo

President Britney Ngo and members at Club Rush September 26th.

When Club Rush hit on Sept. 26th, everyone at Beckman got to see all the old and new clubs. Bustling and crowded with activity, Club Rush offered students a chance to be part of something more than themselves. There were numerous clubs with different purposes and goals, however, Beckman Teen-Age Republicans (TARS) is a special club itself. 


According to Beckman TARS President Britney Ngo (11), “[TARS is for] new and current members of the Republican Party to provide an opportunity for political expression and recognition.” While serving the community, “members of TARS will learn more about politics and also thoughtfully discuss political affairs and philosophy of republicans.”


While fostering new and current teenage Republicans, Ngo also states that TARS is unbiased and is also “open to people of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and political affiliations.” This means individuals do not have to be a Republican to participate in political affiliations. TARS does not associate with any politicians or presidents but instead focuses on nurturing ideas and learning new things about Republicanism.


The Republican Party is one of the two major political parties of the United States; the other being the Democratic Party. As the name states, Republican beliefs are largely centered around Republic Ideology.


The term Republican was first dubbed by Thomas Jefferson’s supporters in 1792, who favored a decentralized government with limited powers. The first members of the Republican Party can be traced back to leaders in 1850. Some Republican Presidents are Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Donald Trump.


At this age, most of us in high school do not really dabble in politics, and rather go along with our parent’s views or our friend’s views. Plus, since California is a largely Democratic state, students might scoff at this club because of bias towards the term “Republican,” but may fail to understand the true meaning behind it. However, Ngo makes it clear that her purpose for the club is to “spread the Republican ideals and conservative values to the younger generation”. 


Traditional Elephant logo of the U.S. Republican Party.

Britney aims to create a club that nurtures republicanism but to also nurture the political understanding of her peers at Beckman and also makes it clear that TARS is not exclusively for Republicans, but for everyone regardless of their political association, sex, background and ethnicity. Members such as Garrett Eastin (10), says he joined the club to “express political views [and] learn more about the [Republican] party and gain a better understanding of it.” Although TARS is not exclusively for those who identify as Republican, the club does make an effort to educate its members about what the Republican Party is about and to inform their members about the current state of political affairs.


With the Presidential debates underway, it’s a perfect opportunity for teenagers in high school to finally become immersed in politics. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone could understand in-depth how our country is governed?


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