Journalism Farewells

The journalism class has been on a long journey, and now, it's time to say goodbye to the class!

May 29, 2020

Journalism. Perhaps a class that not many people knew existed, but definitely a class filled with passionate writers eager to share their stories with the school. Even though there were a lot of changes to our class, we continued to write because that is what we all love to do, and we made sure that our words are filled with the same passion. As we end of the year, we all wanted to share a few sentences about our experience with journalism.


Thank you to the journalism class of 2019-2020 for everything, and thank you to Mr. Boice and the film class for being supportive of us!



Stephanie Xu, Co-Editor-in-Chief:

Thank you everyone for the great four years in journalism! We were all able to adapt and learn from the experience, and I’m really thankful to be part of the journalism family :^) Even if we don’t have journalism next year, I have faith in the juniors and sophomores to continue the journalism legacy and pride.


Cynthia Le, Co-Editor-in-Chief:

These past four years in journalism have been the most ridiculous yet memorable times throughout my high school career. Each year was different from the last and there were challenges with each change. I’m so proud of our staff, especially our seniors, for enduring such drastic changes and sticking through it together. We’ve gone from a newspaper production, magazine publication, to a multimedia site, and I couldn’t be any prouder of what our class has become. Thank you to the entire staff for making this experience something that I will always look fondly upon. Being an editor-in-chief has been a blessing, and thank you for trusting in us this year. Although it didn’t start (or end) like we expected, this was easily one of the most fun years of journalism I had.


April Wang, Co-Editor-in-Chief:

Even though our final year in journalism threw us plenty of unexpected curveballs, I had so much fun with our new Broadcast Journalism class. Our class launched our joint multimedia platform Beckman Beat through weeks of planning and collaboration, and I’m super excited to see where everyone ends up in the future!


Leena Shin:

Thank you everyone for an awesome four years of journalism! I honestly learned so much and I’ll miss this class a lot 🙂


Rachel Ker:

Journalism was definitely different this year, but it was fun all the same! A big thank you to everyone – especially the seniors and Mr. Boice – for doing all that they did for the class this year!


Bethany Bowers:

Being a newbie in journalism was so fun, I learned so many skills that I hope to use & pursue in the future! Such a cool year!! thanks to all the seniors & Mr. Boice for always helping & pushing us to be our best!!!


Ivanna Tjitra:

I have watched Journalism grow as a class while also growing with it. I’m definitely going to miss the class and everyone in it, including its students and advisors. I’m so grateful for the opportunities that opened up to me because of this class. Thank you to all the senior editors and Mr. Boice for ending this journey on such a high note! And thank you to everyone who has helped along the way to tell stories within the Beckman community! I am forever grateful. Thank you for all the memories.


Yarissa Mariscal:

For my first year of journalism, and my last I gotta say it was stressful but also eventful. I will miss all seniors that are on their way to college now. I hope nothing but the best for them. Thank you Mr. Boice for teaching both Film and Journalism through the year of 2019-2020. Journalism was a great experience, I learned how to write a proper article and met new people. Learned something’s in film as well during the class. Thank you again for an amazing year.


Daniel Kang:

I came back to journalism after my freshman year, and although it was a very different class with a different system, I still enjoyed every part of it. Thank you to the senior editor-in-chiefs for always being there for me and giving me feedback:). I also want to thank Mr. Boice for effectively juggling journalism and film. Thank you everyone again!


Brody Prosser:

It’s been a crazy four years with lots of ups and downs but honestly it was fun so thanks everyone for making Journalism what it is.


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