The Magical and Colorful Homecoming Takes On the Students

The Homecoming pep rally not only made the day fulfilling but also planted excitement amongst all students for this year’s first dance

September 22, 2019


The 2019 Homecoming court walks off the court to face the audience.

IRVINE – On Friday, Sept. 14, Arnold O. Beckman High School held its annual Homecoming pep rally, igniting the interests of students and staff about what the first dance of the year has in store for them.


Gathering the students to the gymnasium, Beckman’s Associate Student Body (ASB) initiated its annual Homecoming pep rally. The marching band played grand music welcoming the rush of people, and the cheer team performed their practiced routine alongside the dance team. Students were ready to see what the new Homecoming theme was as well as who was on the new Homecoming court.  


The ASB board members, Kenton Wilson, Nina Kalhori, Erin Kwon and Sahar Ahmed, marched on stage with Up costumes on, indirectly displaying the new theme for this year’s Homecoming. Students screamed unanimously, welcoming the iconic Up characters: Russell, Carl and Dug.


“I would have never imagined that I would have the opportunity to lead an assembly in front of all Beckman students. Especially because Up is one of my favorite Disney movies, I had a lot of fun dressing up as Russell,” said Kwon, conveying her passion through her smile. 


Excitement pervaded the gymnasium, spreading to even the teachers; they all stood by one another, eager to see who was on Homecoming court were. The Homecoming dance is the only occasion throughout the school year in which teachers are able to nominate the students for court, making the assembly and reveal of the court a memorable event for them personally. 


The Varsity Cheer Team happily posing in front of the big poster showing Paradise Falls from Up.

“I was nominated by Mr. Sit, and I definitely would have never even thought that I would be on court for any dance my senior year. I definitely don’t regret it though, because I actually enjoyed it at the end,” said Hailey Park, her voice enthusiastic as always.


After watching a series of videos that presented the Homecoming theme, the Homecoming court and the 2019-2020 ASB class, it was finally time for recognition of the fall varsity sports teams. From girls’ tennis to boys’ water polo, these sports teams had performances that portrayed their endless spirit. 


“I actually performed a TikTok dance with my Varsity Tennis teammates, and it was definitely a way for us to show our spirit at the assembly,” said Talia Rim, a junior on the team. “We need to practice more next time.”


Although it seemed as if the pep rally just had started, it quickly lead to the Alma Mater, a signal for the close of the assembly. The sports teams gathered up in front of the screen, singing along the lyrics in unity. “There is nothing like the Alma Mater that brings all Beckman students closer,” said Camryn Harris, a junior both on the Varsity Cheer team and in ASB. With marching band playing thunderous music once again, the assembly came to an official close, and students were released to go back to their classes.


“I’m going to miss not having an assembly for a few months again,” said Maya Gorczyca, the Publicity Commissioner of ASB. “Now, ASB starts working on their next theme!”


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