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Introducing our new student-run multimedia news platform for film and journalism

September 23, 2019


Welcome to the Beckman Beat, a magical place where stories from film and journalism unite! Formerly the Beckman Chronicle, we’ve rebranded and remodeled, so we’ve got some exciting new changes to share!


First and foremost, who are we? 


Drumroll please…


That’s us on the right! What a great picture of smiling beautiful faces. We are the Independent Film and Broadcasting Journalism class, and we are the storytellers behind the films and articles you’ll see on this site. Before we get into further detail, a little introduction for ourselves. We ‒ the writers ‒ are the new Editors-in-Chief for the Beckman Beat, and Nidhi Kumar is our wonderful BTV producer. We four have all been studying our respective fields for the entirety of our Beckman careers, and we are so proud to present to you the culmination of the hard work of both our classes.


Now, this is the first major change: Journalism has been combined with Independent Film so that our fellow journalists can explore the broadcasting side of journalism. The Journalism students will work with the Film students to create the BTV episodes for the school year, with Journalism focusing on writing and Film focusing on filming and producing. So, look forward to the new episodes that can be found on the BTV page!


Second major change: our new name. The reign of the Beckman Chronicle is over, and now we welcome a new era: the Beckman Beat. Why? Because the Beckman Chronicle sounded too journalism-y for a multimedia platform, so we wanted to choose a new name that would represent both film and journalism. Mr. Boice, our advisor, came up with the creative name Beckman Beat because “beat” refers to our story beats in our articles and films. Since we’ve rebranded, we’ve also remodeled our website to incorporate our new film section, archived old articles, started fresh with a new batch of stories, and designed a new home page. We spent a lot of time working on the website, so we hope you enjoy it! 


With our new class, new name, and new website, we wanted to expand the Beckman Beat to you as well. If you have a passion for writing, consider contributing to the Beckman Beat as a freelance writer! We will be accepting article submissions from all interested Beckman students. Just make sure to review previously published articles see what we’re looking for in an article. Have any more questions? Read more on our Freelance page, or shoot us an email at [email protected]. We look forward to reading your submissions!


The last thing we need to share with you is about our magazine. For the last two years, the Beckman Chronicle magazine was published in the Journalism class. Now, we are working with the Independent Film class, so we have created our own club ‒ also called the Beckman Chronicle ‒ to manage the magazine production. The club will be open to all Beckman students, and we will be teaching members about print journalism, digital media, journalistic writing, and the magazine production process. The club will also run like an actual journalism press with its own editorial staff to produce the magazine. Interested in helping with the magazine production? We will have editorial staff applications available after club rush on September 26, 2019, so check our Instagram (@beckmanchronicle) for the application link and follow to stay updated! 


That’s all for now! We hope you are just as excited as we are for what the Beckman Beat has to bring this school year; we can’t wait to share the stories we’ve planned.


As always, fight on Patriots!





Cynthia Le, April Wang and Stephanie Xu


P.S. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram @beckman.beat for updates on our class! 🙂


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