Endless Spirit on Campus During Homecoming Week

From Tacky Tourist Day to Friday’s Red Out, students and teachers portrayed their spirit by dressing up according to the creative themes

October 24, 2019


Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Kim

Erin Kwon, Sue Lee, Joyce Shin and Sophia Park pose in front of the camera wearing colorful pajamas on Wednesday’s Pajama Day.

From Tuesday, Oct. 8, to Friday, Oct. 11, Beckman High School had its spirit week, each day with a different theme for the students and staff members to dress up. 


The spirit week was a set of consecutive days in which the Associated Student Body (ASB) students coordinated to spark excitement among the student population for Friday’s Homecoming football game as well as Saturday’s Homecoming dance. Each day had its own theme, and some of them specifically related to the Homecoming theme of Disney’s Up. Tacky Tourist Day represented the main character Russell who was a Wilderness Explorer and traveled to various destinations. In addition, Thursday’s vintage theme corresponded with the old couple Carl and Ellie in the movie as they enjoyed old-fashioned styles. 


Spirit week was kicked off with Tacky Tourist Day. Students wore items ranging from fanny packs to Hawaiian shirts, showing off their spirit. “I love these spirit days but especially Tacky Tourist Day because I get to wear these fashion items that I normally would never wear on a regular school day,” said junior Tanya Kakar.


The following day was Pajama Day, which had the most participants. From onesies to colorful sweatpants, students wore pajamas of all patterns. “I love Pajama Day because I feel so comfortable the whole day,” said senior Elizabeth Kim. “I feel that Pajama Day is the one spirit day I always participate in.”


The third day of the spirit week was Vintage Day where students and teachers broke out their best 70s, 80s and 90s clothing. Many sported their favorite leather jacket, and some put on a denim-on-denim outfit. “I tend to wear a lot of vintage clothing to school on a regular basis,” said junior An Do. “It was very cool to see other students dressed similar to my style because it really does not happen often.”


Friday was the traditional Red Out where students and teachers showed their Patriot pride on campus by wearing any clothes that are red. “Red Out day was definitely the most important day of the week because red is the color that represents Beckman,” said senior and Student Council member Sue Lee. “Seeing everyone dressed in red allowed me to physically see Beckman’s school spirit.”


The chosen themes for the spirit week were very simple, which allowed for more students and teachers to participate. The spirit days allowed the Beckman community to unite as they cheered on the team at the Homecoming game and celebrated the victory at the Homecoming dance.


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