Beckman Debate Team is Victorious at Saddleback Tournament

In the midst of their competitive season, Beckman’s Debate Team is hailed champion at its sixth tournament of the year

November 21, 2019


Photo Courtesy of Jenny Lozano

During the tournament, students spent time to prepare for their upcoming matches.

SANTA ANA – On Saturday, Nov. 9, Beckman High School’s Debate Team participated in the Orange County Speech League (OCSL) Fall Open at Saddleback High School.


There were various different types of debates at the competition, and all debaters on each team was responsible for their own debate style. The majority of Beckman’s members won a few rounds and averaged out to a 27 speaker score out of 30.


Junior Wismick Saint-Jean performed remarkably well at this tournament as he won all of his preliminary rounds and placed first for the Lincoln-Douglas debate category, defeating Troy debater Eileen Chen in the final round. However, he is still looking to further improve his skills.


“In the final round, I almost lost because I was blindsided by my opponent’s defense. If I had built a better case and prepared for that, I wouldn’t have had to rely solely on weighing my case as having a greater impact to win,” explained Saint-Jean.


This tournament was also the first competition for many novice members and served as a positive learning experience as they also scored well in their rounds.


Wismick Saint-Jean competed at the tournament and won first place. (Photo Courtesy of Vincent Smith)

“I knew the basics, but I’d never actually experienced the whole ordeal before, which made all of it both terrifying and exciting at the same time. This was definitely more of a learning experience for me than a ‘I must take home gold’ kind of experience,” commented sophomore Angela Zhang.


Several members have already started to pinpoint what skills they need to improve on in the future. “I’m working on preparing and organizing my cases better [so] that my arguments cater to parent judges and fit my time limit,” said junior Megan Bui.


The Beckman Debate Team competed at Los Altos on Saturday, Nov. 16, and will be competing again at Fullerton Union High School on Dec. 7 after the break.


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