The Very First FCA Student Talent Show

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) held their very first student talent show to raise money for the Orange County Rescue Mission

November 23, 2019


Daniel Kang

Marching Band’s jazz performance, which included several songs that heightened the mood of the Performing Arts Center (PAC).

IRVINE––On Nov. 21, 2019, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) held its first student talent show in hopes to raise money and awareness for the Orange County Rescue Mission.


There were seven unique acts in the talent show. The talent show began with Beckman’s Marching Band performing jazz music to spark excitement among the audience. The other acts included sophomore Min Kim’s magic show, Beckman’s acapella group, the Link Cru Coordinators’ skit, senior Elaine Vo’s improv act, juniors Boron Zhang and Coco Chen’s “All of Me” by John Legend, seniors Roy Cho and Janelle Tanseco’s hip hop dance, and lastly, a student-organized Kpop group dance act. After the completion of all acts, students donated money to which they believed was the best, and two judges ‒ Mr. Phillip Chow and his wife, Mrs. Chow ‒ were asked to announce the two winners and awarded them trophies.


For the past week, all student performers practiced continuously to perfect their performances, and the hard work paid off. Junior Carina Vo-Ta, one of the student performers for the Link Cru Coordinators’ skit, shared her excitement from the talent show.


“This was my very first time performing anything in front of such a huge audience, and it was well worth it,” said Vo-Ta. “Especially because all proceeds are going to a non-profit [organization], I felt even more impassioned to be a part of it. We all did.”


Juniors Boron Zhang and Coco Chen’s performance of “All of Me” by John Legend, with Zhang playing the piano, and Chen singing the song.

Some performances were also heartwarming as they evoked empathy within the audience. One special act was Min Kim’s magic act; besides wowing the audience with his magic tricks, the background story he shared impacted many.


“I could not believe that simple magic tricks would have such a large impact on one’s life,” said junior Gina Lee. “As I heard his stories about moving from Korea and making close friends through his strenuous work, practicing magic, I became very emotional as I could closely relate to his situation.”


The winners of the talent show were dancing duo Roy Cho and Janella Tescano. Within a few seconds into the song, they released their inner beasts and danced perfectly to every beat, awing the audience. 


“I was totally blown away from their performance,” said junior Jessica Kim. “It was such an eye-catching performance that I could not even look away for a second. With only two people, they filled the whole stage.”


Marching Band’s act was second place, trailing $18 behind Cho and Tescano. Even though there were only two trophies, everyone was recognized for their efforts.


“Everyone’s a winner, am I right? All of the acts were amazing tonight!” exclaimed Mr. Chow.


Just like his words, all acts were equally incredible in their own ways.


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