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Beckman High School’s ASB Class just announced their 2020-2021 Board

February 11, 2020


Photo Courtesy of Madison Bang

Some candidates utilized pop culture references to promote themselves to their peers.

IRVINE – On Friday, Jan. 31, 2020, Beckman High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) announced the results of the 2020-2021 ASB board election shortly after the polls closed.


Juniors Elijah Song, Reese Flechner, Camryn Harris and Jaden Pang were elected as ASB President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, respectively. Juniors Cassidy Chung, Madison Bang, Carina Vo-Ta and Ethan Nguyen were elected as Senior Class President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. Sophomores Shaya Ghanouni, Ellie Piper and Lucien Feherenbach were elected as Junior Class President, Vice President and Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. Finally, freshmen Sophia Song, Olivia Jin and Nicole Lin were elected as Sophomore Class President, Vice President and Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.


From Monday, Jan. 27 to Friday, Jan. 31, candidates arduously campaigned with posters, flyers and verbal interactions to convince their classmates to vote for them.


“I went up to people in my classes and around during lunch asking people to vote for me and explained to them what I was running for. I wanted to make sure that I was able to get as many votes as possible, so I made sure to follow up on the people I asked to vote,” explains ASB Treasurer Ethan Nguyen.


These positions give students a platform that enables them to reach out and work to represent the diversity present on campus.


“I hope to reach out and ensure that everyone’s ideas and thoughts are being heard, [and be] an outlet for the wide range of opinions and personalities at Beckman,” states Senior Class Vice President Madison Bang.


Candidates placed various posters around the school to advertise the election to the student body. (Photo Courtesy of Camryn Harris)

Ultimately, each ASB board member strives to make a lasting contribution to Beckman.


“I really want to push to initiate new and fun activities in order to make the Beckman experience truly special for everyone,” comments ASB Vice President Camryn Harris.


The 2020-2021 ASB board looks forward to making Beckman better next year.


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