COVID-19 Bringing About Major Changes

COVID-19, the scientific term for the Coronavirus, has encroached upon new Californian regions, and numerous high schools, including Beckman, canceled activities to protect the students from being infected.

March 13, 2020


Daniel Kang

Students should utilize hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial wet tissues and protective masks to prevent themselves from being infected by the COVID-19.

IRVINE––On March 12, 2020, due to the state of California declaring regulations regarding the coronavirus  (COVID-19) for its school districts, Beckman High School has canceled or postponed certain events. There are no reported cases of COVID-19 at Beckman High School. 


The COVID-19 has been officially declared a pandemic by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on March 9, and countless schools in California and the other states in the United States took action to mediate the worsening situation. 


“Beckman has made the decision to mitigate exposure by not holding after school events that may exceed the CDC/State guidelines that were enacted today ‒ any event greater than 250 people,” said Principal Donnie Rafter, who announced a list of events that had been canceled at Beckman via email. The Eighth Grade Parent Night, Report Card Night, Beckman VEX Robotics Competitions and the Prom Assembly were canceled.


Outside of Beckman, other events are being canceled as well. The College Board, a nonprofit organization responsible for administering the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), has officially canceled the March 14 SAT at public high schools in Orange County, devastating many students. 


“I was more than sad when I heard the news,” said Jessica Kim, a Beckman junior. “I have been studying for the SAT since the start of the school year, and now I have to wait until the May test date. I’m unsure as to whether the May or June SAT will also be canceled.”


As Kim mentioned, with March SAT as a start, the following College Board monitored exams may be canceled, even leading to Advanced Placement (AP) test cancellations in May. In other countries with the large coronavirus outbreaks ‒ China, South Korea, Iran and Italy ‒ additional AP exam requests have been returned, prohibiting students from self-studying any AP exam.


A woman protecting herself from the COVID-19 with a mask in China, the origin of the contagious disease. (Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons)

High schools around the world are taking measures to deal with this situation, putting students’ health first. Crean Lutheran High School, a private institution in Irvine, has announced the start of online school on March 12 where students will partake in webcam classes each day in substitution of in-person classes. The Irvine Unified School District also announced on March 16 that schools will be switching to online classes until April 6. Online classes have already been in-action in other countries such as South Korea where students are asked to stay home at all costs as the nation has over 7000 patients currently infected. 


“My SAT has been canceled, some of my AP exams have been canceled and I now stay home all day,” said Cindy Shin, a previous Beckman student who now attends Korean International School (KIS) in South Korea. “I can not go out at all, and my mom can barely go grocery shopping.”


Beckman High School, as of March 16, have yet to cancel senior activities and major school events, but with the COVID-19 reaching new heights every day, nothing is secure. During spring break, from March 16 to March 21, Tustin Unified School District plans to observe the situation and take action accordingly. Nothing like online school or extended spring break has been confirmed, and emails regarding updates will be sent throughout spring break. Beckman is expected to resume school on March 23.


Coronavirus is contagious, and it is constantly infecting more patients; however, through proper sanitary measures and caution, the spread of coronavirus can be resumed. 


Please check back for more updates on COVID-19 at Beckman.


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