Adventure is Out There at the Homecoming Half-Time Performance

Weeks of preparation were committed to practicing the Homecoming football game’s half-time performance by students of ASB and Class Council, and in the end, their work paid off

October 20, 2019


Photo courtesy of Ava Pieter

The freshmen perform their synchronized dance routine during the Homecoming half-time show.

The track surrounding the Tustin High School football field is filled with Beckman High School students from all grades. Donning bright solid colors associated with the theme of Disney’s and Pixar’s Up, the Beckman students of the Associated Student Body (ASB) and Class Council get the crowd’s energy hyped for the Homecoming football game’s half-time show. 


With the freshmen to the far left and the seniors to the far right of the field, sophomores and juniors stretch out in between the groups. Each group has their grade labeled and painted onto a poster, lifted up by students during each grade’s dance routine. 


“Good afternoon. My name is Russell, and I am a Wilderness Explorer in Tribe 54, Sweatlodge 12. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?”


And, the performance begins. One by one, from left to right, each grade performs their dance performance in front of the crowd. Teachers, parents, students and friends cheer and support their fellow Beckman Patriots from the bleachers. 


The Homecoming half-time show ends with a firework show above the football field, illuminating the sky with its neon colors. The colors and lights mesmerize the crowds, filling them with anticipation before the second half of the football game. 


Behind the five-minute half-time show, weeks of dedication and commitment went into the preparation of the half-time show. 


Preparation for the Homecoming half-time show started a month before the actual football game. As soon as ASB finished painting and creating the decorations and posters to put up in the hallways for the Homecoming week, their focus was solely on practicing their performance.


Most of the preparation happened at the beginning of the month-long process. First, the right music had to be chosen for each grade. Then, dancers had to choreograph a simple, neat, and synchronized performance that could be easily executed. Afterward, students from Class Council had to be integrated within ASB to complete the half-time performance.


For the first two weeks of the preparation period, ASB and Class Council were taught the choreography for their performances. The task was challenging and difficult at first, but nonetheless, as time went on, the dance moves got smoother.


To prevent any mistakes or errors in their performances, ASB and Class Council practiced every day after school for the last three weeks leading up to the Homecoming football game. Their moves were sharpened, and everyone had a set position for their performance. 


Freshman Sophia Song is in ASB and created the choreography for the freshman half-time performance. Although she has been dancing for 10 years, choreographing a dance that the freshmen could easily learn and perform came to her as a challenge.


The juniors sport their yellow and orange outfits while saluting at the start of their Homecoming half-time show’s dance routine. (Photo Courtesy of Alex Vo-Ta)

“My favorite memory during the Homecoming half-time show preparation was when we finally got the dance perfected after a long three hours,” said Song. “This was my favorite memory because I could see how much perseverance they put into learning it as best as they could. Personally, my favorite part of preparing for the dance was getting everyone’s input at the end, and then eventually changing a few things to make it more fun and unique.”


Time was a constant pressure on these performers. Practices were broken up into two sessions since some students had sports practices after school. Therefore, some dancers had to stay longer after school in order to teach and practice with those who had missed dance practices. 


ASB and Class Council gathered the night before the Homecoming football game to practice performing in front of one another. That night was the first time the grades were seeing each other’s performances as they cheered each group on and supported them.


Junior Elijah Song is one of the Athletics Commissioners for ASB and had the honor of narrating the Homecoming half-time show.


“The half-time show is so special to the student body because it gives them a chance to show their school spirit,” said Song. “It is an awesome experience for everyone because of the people they get to meet and perform with. For me, the half-time show is special because I get to be with some of the most spirited people in our school. The show is even more meaningful because of the time that everyone puts into it.”


Weeks of practicing and sharpening their performances paid off that night. This year’s Homecoming football game will be a night to remember for the performances from ASB and Class Council, and Beckman’s victory at the football game made it even more special.


Sophomore Charley Soo went to her first Homecoming football game that night. She entered the game a bit confused about what goes on at a football game, but she left with awe and excitement.


“I decided to go because I think of it as part of the ‘high-school experience’, and I wanted to spend time with my friends,” said Soo. “[The Homecoming half-time show] was the best because everyone who was watching was cheering for their grade, and my friends and I were able to see our friends in ASB dance, which was really cool. To me and my friends, the Homecoming half-time show was something to put into our memory book, something that we’d remember for a long time.”


The Homecoming football game and its half-time show is a testament of what Beckman Patriots can achieve when collaborating with one another and dedicating time and effort into a single goal when united. It has definitely left its mark on the student population and the school.


“Adventure is out there!”


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