Varsity Girls Golf Hit Their Way to CIF’s

Three Beckman Varsity Golf girls make into CIF’s this season, and each have their own story to share

November 11, 2019


Varsity Girls Golf after the Homecoming Assembly. (Photo Courtesy of Euna Lee)

Golf seems like a simple, leisure sport ‒ golfers just hit a golf ball with a club into a hole on the ground. However, there is more to golf than what meets the eye. All players conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times. As simple as it looks, golf is an extremely competitive sport. 

Beckman’s Varsity Girls Golf team competes in the highly competitive Pacific Coast League, and they can qualify for the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) tournament for individual rounds if the place in the top nine. This year, senior Jenny Kezois, senior Jae Lee and sophomore Euna Lee have made it to the CIF Individual Finals, and as golf season ends with the CIF games, these three girls want to share their specific reason to why they enjoy the sport. 




Senior Jenny Kezios has played golf for 11 years. She started off playing golf leisurely because she liked the mental and physical state while playing the sport ‒ being able to simply enjoy what she likes to do. “To me, it’s kind of fun when you’re overplaying the shot and not make it into the hole. I found it kind of funny that you could purposely play badly and just have fun doing it,” Jenny stated. Jenny started playing for Beckman as a freshman in Junior Varsity, then she joined Varsity in her sophomore year and continued playing until now. 

When she found out that she made it into CIF Finals, Jenny could not feel anything but happiness for herself. “After everything I put into playing gol, I was so relieved that I finally got into the top nine, that all my hardwork over the years of playing has really paid off in the end and really gave me my happy ending.” Even though she did not advance forward, playing at the CIF’s was a meaningful experience. “Once I left CIF finals, I learned that no matter what, there’s always going to be someone that is going to have more experience and play better than I do, and I can’t be mad because I would just have to play more and have to want to play better.” 


Jenny hopes that her experiences can inspire other girls. “I feel like I could be a role model to younger girls and hopefully they can also achieve their goals as well.”




Senior Jae Lee has been playing golf for seven years. She first became interested in golf by watching her brother play and eventually joined him on the course. When she went to high school, she challenged herself to try out for the golf team, eventually making it onto Varsity her freshman year. 


When Jae qualified for CIF’s, she was extremely surprised.”I was really surprised when my name was announced for the top nine and made it into CIF. It made me feel that my hard work from all those years of playing golf it really paid off.” While she also did not move forward, Jae was able to learn a lot from the tournament. “Even though I knew I could’ve played better, I can learn from my mistakes and become a better golfer, once I continue playing.”


Before Jae graduates, she wants to be a role model for other girls that want to be golf players. “Before I walk away from my high school life, I really want girls who play sports to know it is hard at first when you’re starting to play any sport, it may take a bit, but you have to keep pushing and want the best and play the best for your goals, anything can be possible.”




Sophomore Euna Lee has played golf for seven years. She found an interest in playing when she saw her sister play, tagged along and then started playing with her sister. Before she started high school, she had to make a decision of either joining the dance team or the golf team because she did both sports. However, she chose golf. “I choose golf over dance because I knew I had more experience with playing golf than I had with dance, and I knew that golf would give me a better education in the future.”


Euna was proud of herself for qualifying CIF’s again, and she found this year’s competition another meaningful experience. ”When I heard my name called out for the top nine, I was so surprised and in aw for having my family so happy for me, and hugging me, and telling how proud they are of me. It made me realize that the days, the hours, the minutes. The seconds I spent on playing golf, really paid off at the end of the day, by having the chance to be able to play at CIF.”


For future matches, she wants to push herself to do better and work harder. As she is only a sophomore, she still has two years ahead of her and hopes to challenge herself to become a better golfer. “In my future years of playing golf, I want to push myself to play more, and make more time for myself to play golf.”




Each girl has their own story as to why they love golf. Being able to go to the CIF Individual Finals was an honor for them, and they are proud to represent Beckman at the competition. 


Coach Cheyne Blair is also proud of their hard work and dedication. ”I see that the girls have really done their best and have really improved their skills. I’m really proud of the girls for helping each other, achieving the goals they wish to achieve and having an opportunity to teach high school girls how to play golf. [I have] watch[ed] them grow into amazing golfers [and it] really makes me feel that I’ve accomplished a lot and done my job correctly.”


The girls have made it to CIF’s ten years in a row, and they will continue to do their best every season. Congratulations to all three girls for making the CIF individual rounds! They competed with their team at the CIF Team Finals on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019.


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