Saying Adieu to Varsity Girls’ Tennis Seniors

For the seniors on the Varsity Girls’ Tennis team, it will be their last year playing for Beckman. Their four years were filled with long hours of practice, rewarding victories on the court and at CIF’s, and unforgettable memories. Before they embark on their own journeys, the three girls want to share their farewell message to their team and the school.

November 13, 2019

Anvesha Srivastava

For the last four years, tennis really taught me so many important life lessons. It’s just really been my life. I’ve learned to communicate with others effectively, how to listen and respect the opinions of my teammates as well as lead by example. I know [that] this past season we’ve had a lot of wins but also losses, and I think that one thing to remember is that we’ve tried and we’ve played every point with all our heart and that’s what really matters. The bonds that I’ve made in tennis are irreplaceable, and I wouldn’t have exchanged that for anything.


Zeina Rajjoub

I’m so grateful for being part of an amazing team. I’ve been playing tennis for four years, and we’ve created an amazing bond that’s unbreakable. It’s amazing, and I just feel like this is my family and this is what I fight for and what we stand for. It’s just emotional, and I’m so thankful for everything the team has done for me. 


Isha Shah

High school has been such an unforgettable experience for me, and I think my favorite memory would be being a high school athlete. We’ve made so many memories with the team from winning CIF to singing Taylor Swift songs on bus rides back. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have traded this experience for anything despite the long hours. Tennis really taught me the importance of communication, discipline and what it means to put team success over personal records, and I’m really going to take that with me into college and life. I just want to say to my teammates, I love you, I’m going to miss you and I’m so proud of you.


Coach, Mr. Friendt

Beckman seniors, congratulations on a great career. [Your] four year Beckman career is coming to an end. Two of you were members of the CIF championship team three years ago ‒ what a hell of an accomplishment when all things are said and done. [When] you graduate, you’ll have hung a banner in Beckman and be the last people at school to be CIF champions. The three of you have been on the winningest teams in Beckman history and have the potential to go down as making CIF three years in a row. Hell of an accomplishment, congrats in the future and all the best.


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