What Being a Beckman Wrestler is Really Like

The Beckman Patriots wrestling team is in the middle of their season with many championships, and league rankings already under their belts. Meet a few of the wrestlers, while they take you through their intense training and lives while they get ready for their championship matches.

February 20, 2020



Sophomore Julia Wong qualifies for the Girls CIF Finals tournament.

It’s the last practice before the CIF Duals Championship, and the Beckman Boys Wrestling team has a lot at stake after becoming league and city champions just weeks before. As the Patriots are on the road to the CIF games, practices become more intense, training becomes more crucial and teamwork becomes more important. Not only does the team push each other to practice and work harder, but they also train with other teams to gain more practice and knowledge of their upcoming matches.


Junior Carlos Dubon, a member on the varsity team, explains how a normal practice consists of lots of cardio such as jogging, stretching, strengthening drills and weight training. Towards the end of the practices, the team “goes live, which is wrestling with each other.” Also, during their daily practices, the team does an activity called “gas tanks, which is conditioning mixed in with live.” Finally, at the end of every practice, Carlos says that “stretching is an essential part to end practice, because if we continue to go about our day without stretching after the workout, then there is a higher chance of injuring ourselves.”


Beckman leaves the League Finals Championship with 27 medalists as well as the Team League Champs trophy.

Wrestling is a winter sport. The team’s matches normally take place from November to the end of February. During the season, the Patriots practice around five days a week. Off-season practice is cut down to light freestyle wrestling at the school. 


When the team starts getting closer to CIF and League matches, junior Diego Pineda says that they practice with nearby schools and wrestling teams in order to investigate their competition. Diego explains how this is very beneficial for the team, since they are able to practice with their actual opponents and learn their skills and patterns. At these practices Diego says, “These are just like normal practices, but our moves and skills are practiced to perfection.”


Not only does the team practice at the school, but many of the wrestlers also train and work out on their own time in order to prepare for season and upcoming duals. Wrestling also requires certain eating habits when it comes to being in the right weight zone and staying in shape for season. The coaches do not give the teams any specific diets, but they are expected to be disciplined and smart enough to maintain and control their weight. 


Many assume that wrestling is strictly a one-on-one sport with no teamwork, but senior Mohammad Mohensi, the varsity team captain, explains two ways how teamwork plays a big role in the sport. The first way teamwork is used is “during practice when we are drilling techniques, we have to be good critical teammates and challenge each other.” The wrestling team is able to dual each other and help make their teammates become stronger wrestlers by sharing techniques and forms to expand each others’ skill levels. Mohammed also shares that during matches, “in order to be a functional team, they have to help and support each other, no matter if we win or lose.”

Beckman wrestlers end the first round of the CIF Duals with a win against Dos Pueblos.


So far, the Patriots have had a very successful season, showing much improvement from previous years. Wrestling season is coming to an end, and the team has very high hopes for the rest of the season and the future of Beckman wrestling.


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