Beckman Athletes in Quarantine

As a result of COVID-19, the Patriots’ sports seasons were cut short. Beckman athletes and coaches explain what they are doing to stay on top of their game, even while in quarantine.

May 8, 2020


IRVINE – COVID-19 has brought a complete halt to all sports around the world. When the idea of distance learning for the rest of the year was announced, many Patriots’ sports teams were in the middle of their season or just starting a new season. With an exception of senior athletes, the students are required to stay in good shape and maintain their skills for either the upcoming seasons or for their return of the current season.


Kevin Lavalle, the boys baseball coach explains, “It’s difficult because this is new for all of us.” He expresses how he wants his players’ number one priority right now to be staying safe. Coach Lavalle is aware that many other coaches are assigning daily workouts or weekly trainings, but he seems to not be worried about the upcoming season because “It doesn’t take teenagers a long time to get in shape, and whenever the day comes that we can get back on the field, we’ll be fine.” 


Besides baseball, many other teams have creative ways to stay in touch and work together to stay strong and healthy. Junior Maddie Besnard on the Beckman Dance Team says, “Once a week the whole team meets on a Zoom call, and we do an hour pilates workout all together.” Not only does this allow the dancers to exercise regularly, but it also gives them a chance to catch up and see friendly faces while being locked down in quarantine. Maddie shares that having a set workout once a week keeps her motivated to continue staying in shape and improving her dance skills. 


Many people tend to have a lack of motivation to work out by themselves without access to proper equipment. But many Beckman athletes adapted in finding new ways to stay healthy. Simply dedicating one hour of the day to focus solely on moving around and getting your heart rate up results in keeping a healthy lifestyle. 


The Class of 2020 had their last few months of senior year completely taken away from them. Senior Riley Slumskie, on Varsity Boys Lacrosse, tells how upset he was when he found out his last season was “over before it even started.” The Boys Lacrosse season had barely started before the pandemic hit. Riley explains, “Even though I couldn’t finish my last season with the team, I still work hard every day to become stronger and to improve my lacrosse skills for the future.” 


Even though these are peculiar and extremely tough times for everyone, athlete or not, the best thing to do is to stay healthy, stay strong and even waste time. It is important to get your heart rate up. Whether it’s walking your dog through the neighborhood, going on a hike or running, getting in some exercise will help you stay in shape while being in quarantine. Many gyms and athletic programs offer free online live streams to follow workouts daily that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Everyone is going through this pandemic together, and with all the time on students’ hands, it’s the perfect time to make self progression in gaining a healthier lifestyle, becoming fit or working towards your goals. 


Stay safe and active, Patriots!


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